Bits and Pieces

 I wanted to do lots of things this week….and then the reality that several classes are still running set in. We just didn’t have much free time. 😦 However, a few things to note….

Mia made the Honor Roll for Kumon again. She is doing very well. We took a break with Emi, but am wondering when she should go back.

Also, Mia and Emi had their 3 and 5 year old check ups. They are super healthy kids. The doctors are always so surprised when they see that we haven’t been to see them since the previous check up. The girls have never even had to be on antibiotics….but the thing is….they totally get sick. However, we are big believers in letting their immune systems fight off as much as possible. So far, this seems to be working. However, something very, very serious would require a trip to the doctor.

After shots, we went to Carvel so that the girls could get some soft serve and play chess. They have no idea how to play, but they like to pretend.

One swirl kids cone and one chocolate, both with rainbow sprinkles.


Look at those lips.


….and a little on the nose.

Next, we went to the playground to burn off some of that ice cream before dinner. I so wish this playground had a bench so I wouldn’t have to pace around…but the girls love “the red playground.”

Last but not least, a picture of Emi and her unicorn t-shirt. She loves this thing….and her “unicorn pose.” 


That’s all for now. Happy weekend!