I am a few posts behind, but I do have them all lined up in my Drafts folder just waiting to be finished up. Three kids in very different stages (infant, pre-schooler, and elementary age)….it’s keeping me pretty busy. Busy in a way where it looks like we get absolutely nothing done every day, but we are. It’s just accepted and organized chaos. Not bad.

The girls are doing three weeks of summer camp, and we are in the middle of week 3. They love camp so much. Unfortunately, camp hasn’t sent too many pictures home this time around; however, I did get an email about Foamtastic. One day they have a special foam party. Kind of like those Cancun spring break parties from when I was a teenager. I’ve been informed that those aren’t so popular anymore.

Here are a few pictures of Foamtastic at summer camp.

Filling the courts up with all of the glorious bubbles.

Emi playing in the foam and having the best time. Her first year to get to experience this.

Love this pic of her smiling to herself while checking out the foam.

Mia in the foam party during full swing.

Did I mention we are missing a front tooth? …and I owe her a dollar for borrowing her tooth fairy money…haha.

A few more pictures of Mia playing. Unfortunately, Emi’s pictures had too many full on faces of other kids….and I don’t want to post pics of kids that I don’t know.

Bubble Butt…haha

We are so sad that camp is about to wrap up, but we have lots more planned for a great summer. I’ve also been enjoying being able to get a few things done in the morning without everyone here….though it hasn’t been a ton.


Down on the Farm

Ok, I am going to fast forward a little bit and talk about how we spent our actual day today; however, I’m still going to work on my backlog of days I still want to document and remember for the girls.

Today, we got invited to an event called “Down on the Farm” at the Darien Nature Center which is a few towns away. We hit the road hoping to drop by Costco first, but dear Lord…the traffic. It took us forever to get to Darien, so we decided to postpone our Costco run until after the event.

We didn’t really know what to expect, but when we parked the car and heard Taylor Swift playing from loud speakers down on  the open lawn, we knew it was going to be a good time.

First stop, pony rides. Mia hasn’t been a big fan of pony rides. They scare her, but this time…she loved it and decided to do it twice! Emi decided to sit this one out. The venue was just far too crowded for her, so it took her a while to warm up to things.

While Mia was riding the pony for a second time, Emi and Ten visited the photo booth.

Next stop, face painting. My kids have a love/hate relationship with face painting. They love to have it done, look at it for a second, but then hate to keep it on.

A rosy cheeked Emi with a butterfly. It was so incredibly hot and humid out.

Hmm…what did Mia choose?

A snake! These were definitely not the best face painters, but the girls didn’t mind.

Our next farm adventure: milking a cow. Mia assured us that it was just water.

Next, we found some shade and decided to grab popsicles and lunch.

Playing with friends while we wait.

Mia went with a cheeseburger, and Emi just had a few fries. I usually don’t eat at these things because it is just so expensive, but decided to go for it this time. Ten went and grabbed me a grilled cheese from Mobile Melts. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that were featured on Food Network….umm…yes, please.

What did I choose?

Jalapeno popper with bacon! OMG…this thing was so good. I washed it down with some ice water sitting in the shade. Side note: I had Kai in the baby carrier, so Ten did all of the running into the heat for us.

After lunch, we checked out a little bit more of the festival. Sorry for the photo overload if you are still patiently reading.

Our owl and mustache baby.

It was so hot, and we were getting kind of miserable (especially me and Ten), so we headed into the air-conditioning for a few activities. It was amazing that Kai slept through the entire thing!

Nature Bookmarks.

They also got to pet a guinea pig and a few bunnies, and we followed this with the outdoor petting zoo.

Last stop, tot lot. We let the girls play in the water tables before heading home (or actually to Costco).

This event was so fun; however, I always groan when adults have to pay to enter these things. Not really worth the $20 to watch my kids pet a goat….but whatever. On the positive side, we were able to find some Usborne sticker books (our favorite), and they had plenty of free iced water. It was a great summer experience.

End of the Year Sing-a-Long

OK, after this post I will be all caught up. First a little weekend recap. Basically, Mia had ballet rehearsal on Saturday, and I volunteered to help out for her class. It was a lot of fun, and she decided to attend a 5 week ballet intensive this summer along with 2 weeks at another school. She signed up for ballet 4 days a week for the fall and had me order some ballet books to learn the stories of the different ballets. She is going to be super committed in the summer/fall. I think it is great. She will either love it or hate it, and then we can make a decision about continuing or not. Emi got to attend another really fun birthday party. Ten said they had a great time. Emi also decided to continue with ballet and will be performing in The Nutcracker in December.

So, here is a sneak peak at our schools end of the year celebration. They do a sing-a-long and had out certificates. Short and sweet. We then head to the playgrounds to play and have watermelon. Using very few words.

Emi getting ready to receive her certificate.


Playground fun.

Enjoying watermelon.

Mia running into the playground to applause. Very cute.

Congratulations Polar Bears. On to your next adventure.

There you have it. The girls are off to their second week of summer camp tomorrow. They are loving getting pool time every day and then having fun activities like tennis, soccer, zip lining, go karts, etc. We love our school.

Moana Dance Camp

So, I have quite a few posts that I need to wrap up. So, going to start with one of the shorter ones. Last week, the girls attended Moana dance camp and had the best time. It was a was a three hour program every day for a whole week. They practiced some hula, did crafts, and  ate snacks. However,  Mia did ask me if I would pack them a snack from home because the dance school snack was too small. So, every morning I packed up some fruit, crackers, and a few other things to send with them.

This was clearly a drop off program, so I could only snap a few pictures….also the memory on my phone is non-existent.

Here the girls were at the end of one class playing with scarves and wearing their Moana costumes.

When we got home one day, the girls wanted to show me their Moana poses….I’ve learned that everything has a pose.  

The girls made lots of crafts throughout the week. There were fish, boats, bags, hats….just so many ocean themed things.

Wind socks seem to be a popular craft in these parts.


On the last day, I snuck in a bit early to try and grab some video. After a total of 3 seconds, my memory was full 😦 Also, you can’t even see Emi because she was hiding in the back. I did try though.

The girls had a great time. They were so excited to go back every morning. Next year, we might thing of extending this camp a bit.

Summer Adventures: Selleck Woods

 Last summer, Mia ended up doing 6 weeks of full day summer camp. It was intense, and she came home exhausted every day. Emi and I did several mommy and me type of classes, but we had to make sure we were home in plenty of time to have dinner ready and to meet Mia’s bus. It just felt way too busy.

This summer we decided to take a different approach. Mia and Emi will attend one week of half day dance camp at the beginning of summer break and two weeks of half day farm camp at the beginning of August. So, more time together and less time (a lot less) being away from home. So out of 13 weeks, they will only have camp for 3 weeks.

With all of that being said, I want to make sure that we are having lots of adventures. I’m not a huge fan of the whole “bucket list” thing, but I do like the idea of having some different summer adventures.

Today (May 17), the three of us were going to spend the afternoon at the beach. It was going to be really hot, and it would be a perfect first summer beach day (and yes I know it is still spring…but school is out for us next week). However, we got an invite to go trail walking in a nature preserve…after consulting with the girls…we decided a “nature bath” would be a good adventure to take.

So, we packed a gourmet lunch of PBJs, and I sliced up some watermelon for all of the kids….and we hit the road. About 30 minutes later, we were at Selleck’s Woods or Selleck Dunlap Woods. 

My girls were off and running as soon as we arrived. Look at all of that gorgeous greenery.



Emi and her friend were glued together while we were here. So great to have a playdate with friends who have 2 kids of similar ages.

This place is magical. There are streams, ponds, marshes, butterfly gardens, duck crossings, and more. Also, it is only two miles worth of trails. Very manageable with kids.


The girls had a great time running through the woods, imagining they were dinosaurs, smacking trees with sticks, throwing rocks in streams, and just being crazy. They also fell down and got countless scrapes and cuts. Living life to the fullest as preschoolers.

Taking a break after climbing up this rock.


The girls loved walking along this ring of stumps. The kids looked so cute in this pic. I did crop out their friends….as their faces were a little too clear in this pic.

After about an hour, we walked back to the cars and brought out a picnic dinner. The kids all enjoyed it and ate tons of watermelon. They finished off dinner with some homemade trail mix, and we then headed back into the woods for another half hour.

Finally, the mosquitos were starting to get the best of us, so we called it a night. We loaded back into the car and were able to make it back to our village just in time to meet Ten at the train station. 

We got home and everyone showered. We were covered in dirt and sweat. The shower was awesome. We then did a tick check and found a big splinter on Mia. We took care of that and put medicine on all of their scrapes and cuts. After reading two books all about T-Rex, the girls fell asleep immediately. Exhausted but happy.

Around here…

Our back to school schedule officially starts tomorrow! We won’t be going full throttle, as not all classes start this week, but some do begin. Emi will go to gymnastics until 11:00 and then swimming at  12:30. A pretty short day….but just the beginning.

Anyway, here are a few random things we have been up to.

Emi had her first dentist appointment. We weren’t quite sure how she would handle it since she fiercely dislikes strangers, but she did a great job!

The waiting room looked like you were riding in a plane. Very cute idea.


TVs in dentist and doctor’s offices are definitely a pet peeve of mine…I usually ask that they not turn them on, but this one was already on…so I just let it be.


The jungle room.


Mia checking out the room. Mia really wants to be a dentist when she grows up and loves watching people have their teeth cleaned. She said, “mom, my office is going to look just like this when I grow up.”


How are Emi’s teeth? No cavities and perfectly straight…so perfect in fact she will almost certainly need braces. So, looks like that will be something we need to think about it.

One morning we spent at the Children’s Museum, and I somehow only took this one picture. 


 We also took the girls to an event at Lyman Orchards so that they could ride a pony among other things.         

We also got their faces painted which we never pass up a chance to get our faces painted.

Emi holding as still as possible to have her face painted.


A pink butterfly. 🙂



…and Spiderman! Spidey was shooting webs at us for the rest of the day. Loved their choices!





Making some beautiful necklaces.


After a long morning out, we decided to stop at a diner for a quick bite before the long drive home.  

This chicken sandwich was so surprisingly good since it didn’t look like anything special.


Ten had a really tasty turkey sandwich and the girls had fries. They accidentally brought out two baskets, and it was just way too many fries.


Cider donut holes and chocolate chip cookies we bought to enjoy later.


Finally, a pic of Emi on our last grocery shopping trip. Shr chose the outfit all on her own. Oh, Emi. 


First Visit to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA

 We hit PA hard this summer! We wanted to take one more small family vacation before school begins and decided on Sesame Place. The girls really, really wanted to go, so we decided to take 3 days and check out the park. 

Here are a few photos from the trip:

The girls with Honkers. I had no idea who this guy was, but the girls desperately wanted a picture with him, so we were glad to find him.

Visiting the fruit and vegetable market. We rarely (like never) use a stroller, but we decided to for this trip. Absolute lifesaver. Emi is the kid who would jump into the gorilla pen or wander off alone in the mountains if you take your eyes off of her….for even a second.

Playing with the cash register.

Hugs for the Count. Most of the characters were so super friendly. They spent quite a bit of time with the girls, and we didn’t feel too rushed. I feel like the characters here were better than at Disney in terms of friendliness.



There were some really fun playspaces in the park which was great for us since the girls don’t care much for amusement rides. We took them on the tea cups and the cutest carousel, and that was a little too much for them.



Super Grover!


 We spent most of our time in the water park. Our kids LOVE water.

Playing in this cute watering can splash pad.


The Tidal Wave pool. Once we discovered this wading pool, this is all the girls wanted to do.

On our last day, we took the girls to Dine with Me to eat with the characters. Such mixed feelings about this place. Emi loved dancing with the characters, and Mia was thrilled to meet her favorite characters. However, the venue was pretty underwhelming. I felt like we were sitting in a school cafeteria. Also, the food was plain awful. Like truly. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, and I dare to say that the boxed pancake mix and powdered eggs tasted better. 


Mia was so happy. Reserved smile for sure.


The main event.

So, I can guarantee that we will be back to Sesame Place, but probably not the lunch. Was just so overpriced.

Anyway, so that was our family vacation for the end of the summer! We are now gearing up to tackle the school year.

Muscoot Farm

 We are so happy that Mia is home from summer camp, and Emi’s classes have wrapped up as well. We can finally get some family time in before school starts.

We had gorgeous 80 degree weather today, so the girls and I decided to drive to Katonah, NY to spend the morning at a late 1800s/early 1900s farm. We decided to take the scenic route (an extra 10 minutes), and also drove through Bedford, NY which was the cutest little town.

We got to the farm, and started to explore. Emi was so excited to see all of the animals (and collect rocks), and Mia wanted to explore all of the buildings. We were able to see an ice house, a dairy barn, horse stables, and so much more

Not all of these pictures need captions, but here is a look into our morning.


We milk fake cows any chance we get. 🙂


Emi has a hatful of rocks here.


The most exciting part of the day was the tractor.


Such a beautiful place. We can’t wait to come back with Ten…and my travel buddies have also told me that we need to bring a picnic next time! The girls were so hungry by the time that we left, and we had a good 45 minute drive ahead of us….so I agreed to a pit stop on the way home.

Happy Meals for two happy girls.