Summer Adventures: LegoLand Discovery Center

OK. So, I took a little bit of a blogging break. We have been adjusting to our summer schedule which is actually all over the place. Too many invitations to spend time with people, and those are hard to say no to.

Anyway, our Memorial Day weekend weather wasn’t ideal. Like really and truly. So, we ended up spending a lot of time at home. However, we were able to take one day and go to the Legoland Discovery Center in Yonkers, NY. We also had a buy one get one coupon which made it more affordable. 

When you first enter, you get your photo taken against a green screen. We actually didn’t go see what the real picture looked like…totally forgot.


The first room was basically an interactive display on how Legos are made. The kids had fun with it….I don’t think they really got the gist of it….but it was fun.


Mia was so proud of her little Lego lanyard. Emi was amazed by all of the Lego creations.


Next we hopped in the very short line for the Kingdom Quest ride. I was excited for a shooting game. I have way too much fun with them. We were lucky the line wasn’t that long since we picked the first time slot of the day to enter the center. 

We had no idea that they take a pic inside. hahaha. I told Ten to take a pic of the pic when the workers walked away. He thought I was nuts….but hey…no way we are buying these things. The three girls were serious. Ten was too, but clearly really tired. He has been eating such a tiny amount of carbs…so its taking a toll.

My pictures are a bit out of order, but we then went on to Mini Land….which was a replica of NY. I loved this. However, first I have pictures from the Ninjago City Adventure. This was what we came for, and it did not disappoint.  

We first went over to the giant obstacle course. It was shaped like a temple with different ninja traps to navigate. You weren’t able to see what it looked like from the outside, but Mia assures us that it was awesome.

Ninja poses.


Excited to see Sensei Wu….which is like a Japanese word combined with a Chinese (?) name…? Just realized that.


Nya and Mia.


Emi loved this rotating hamster wheel thing. Here she was doing a “ninja move.”

There was also a dojo training center. This was really fun too.  

Choose a color and then see who can hit the most of their chosen color. Emi dominates this game.


They also had a cool climbing wall course. Mia was so good at this.

The girls played forever in this area, but by noon…it was getting way too crowded. So, we had to call it a day.

Here are a few more pics of some of the other areas they had.

New York


Earthquake simulator.


Duplo area for 5 and under.


A car building area with race tracks and test tracks.


A Star Wars area…and all of these sections were interactive.

On the way out, there were a few things you could sit on and take a picture. The girls had the best time….and are asking when they can go back.
We didn’t get to do a whole lot over the holiday weekend, but this was a complete homerun.