End of Year Sing-a-Long

 Every year (after the last day of school), Mia’s school has a sing-a-long and watermelon party. Usually it is at the outdoor theater, but this year it was raining like crazy. So, on May 18, we all made our way in the rain to the picnic pavilion to watch the sing-a-long.

Can you spot Mia?


There she is. Pink lady bug raincoat and red Ninjago t-shirt.

The kids went through their song list…which included a song about wooly underwear, the school anthem, and several more.  

After the singing, we headed out into the rain and walked to Mia’s classroom for some playtime and a watermelon party. Unfortunately, the class mom forgot to bring the watermelon. It’s kind of been like that all year with this class mom. It actually wasn’t surprising but definitely disappointing for the kids. Next year, hopefully, we will have a rock star class mom. We have kind of struck out the past two years.

After the kids got their certificates, we were officially done for the school year.  No more spending hours driving back and forth to this school for the summer!

Below is a small clip from our day.

Open House

This past Tuesday, we attended Mia’s open house at school. I definitely love the open house concept more than the Japanese observation day. It is just a much more relaxed setting and the parents and kids can all get to know each other a little better.

Ten got off of work a little earlier than usual, and we drove the 30 min to Mia’s school. I had volunteered to bring a fruit tray, so before leaving the house I washed, cut up, and skewered a bunch of fruit. 

My “fruit tray” for the event. People LOVED it, and the best part was that none of it went to waste. I always try to not bring a huge massive amount, and I try to make it look pretty so people will want to eat it.

For the pumpkin, I drew and colored the face with a sharpie, and right before the event starte we pulled into a parking lot and stuck the fruit into the pumpkin. This guy is still sitting in Mia’s classroom. 🙂

Anyway, the event was very low key. Mia showed us her artwork, played with friends, and then had a sing a long with her music teacher.

Me, Mia, and Emi…Ten took all of the pics this night.

Mia and Emi having a great time with their friend.    
Also, here is a pic of Mia’s scarecrow.

His name is orange…and he has bugs in his boots and a crazy centipede for a mouth…haha. I can hear Mia saying this.

A few quick photos. We really love this school so much and can’t wait for Emi to start next year.

Note: WordPress won’t let me fix a few typos….and didn’t save part of this post…but still posting this little bit :/

End of the year sing-a-long and beach time

We have made it to summer vacation! Mia had her last day of school today, and I am so happy to have a break from all of the driving!

Anyway, today (Thursday), we went to Mia’s school for an end of the year sing-a-long and watermelon party. It was very low-key and could not be more family friendly. We dropped Mia off at her classroom and then made our way to the outdoor theater. It is amazing to me that her school has a rustic outdoor theater! Our kids really have no idea how lucky they are.

Here is a picture of the stage where the kids would sit to lead us in the sing-a-long.


 We had to keep Emi busy before the singing started, so selfie time. Ha! Emi has the funniest smile right now, so we took about a hundred pictures of her posing.  

Cheese Emi!

Soon the processional began. Hi Koala bears. Mia is in the middle 🙂 

The singing began and was led by the school music teacher. They sang so many cute songs including one about wooly underwear which the kids giggled through.

 After the singing finished, the program instructed the parents to shout “encour!” So funny. The kids were so happy that we were demanding more. And surprisingly (wink, wink), they had one more song ready for us. Seriosuly, could not ask for a better preschool  experience.

Singing It’s a Small World for the encour.


After the performance, we walked back to the class playground and enjoyed watermelon. I volunteered to bring everything for the party. The tins holding the watermelon were red, white, and blue. I also chose red napkins and checkered plates. Looked so cute.

Emi enjoyed her watermelon in the toy car. She loves these cars so much.


Everyone LOVED the watermelon on sticks. I’m not going to lie though, it was a lot of work the night before. However, it was totally worth it and even the other class was eating our watermelon which was awesome because nothing went to waste.

Mia told Ten to hop in the backseat. She was driving them to the beach.

After our school event, we headed to the beach for a BBQ. We figured it wouldn’t be as busy on a weekday while most schools were still in, and we basically had the place to ourself. 

Mia climbing a tree.


Emi drinking her “soda.” It was really Snapple, but pretty excited to drink the same thing as mom and dad.


Ten grilling brats and hotdogs with the ocean in the background.

The girls were so hungry after a long morning of play. Eating chips, hot dogs, grapes, and pickles. For dessert they each had a chocolate chip cookie.  Ten and I had brats.
After eating lunch, playing with the stomp rocket, and chasing birds; we decided to head over to the ocean.

Emi showing her muscles.


Cooling off!


We then packed up, headed home, took a 2 hour nap, took Mia to her swim lesson, argued about Kumon finished (an issue right now), and had another BBQ for dinner. Such a nice day.

Mia’s Mother’s Day Program at School

A few months ago, we switched preschools. There were several issues with our old school, but our new school is amazing (minus the tuition….seriously).

Anyway, today we celebrated Mother’s Day at the school, and I felt really catered to. Ha! At a preschool! They were serving Arnold Palmer, a special cake that the kids baked, and fruit salad.   

We entered the room, and the kids all gave their moms little gift bags. Also, the kids wore stickers saying why they thought their moms were special. A lot of them said because their moms feed them! So funny. Mia’s said because I take her to the park, read books to her, and give her hugs and kisses. Doesn’t that melt your heart.

The kids played and the moms chatted for about half an hour, and it was great meeting so many moms since we are pretty new at the school.

Next, we all listened to I Love You Stinky Face, which is one of our favorite books.

This was followed by a sing-a-long. Here they are playing Skinnamarink on their kazoos. 

 Singing “You are my sunshine.” Hi Mia.
So, what did I get in my Mother’s Day bag?

 A gorgeous pink flower made by Mia. 
 …and this lovely handmade pin…which I have promised to wear every day. I’m thinking to put it on my bag since I usually wear t-shirts. 

Such a fun morning. Mia was so excited this Mother’s Day, and I love how our new school focuses on the importance of family so much.

In other news, I’ve had 2 sick kids all week, so we are hoping for a healthier weekend.