2017 End of Year Recital

 This weekend Mia had her final piano recital of the school year. It was held at The Palace Theater in their cafe. Fun for us since we have been to several performances at this venue.

Mia was the only student to play a hymn. Most little ones played nursery rhymes or short classical pieces. Mia said that she wanted to play Simple Gifts, and since it is one of my favorite songs….I was so happy. Here are a few pics from the recital and the reception that followed.


Enjoying fruit and pizza. Ten was nice enough to buy pizza for everyone at the reception. I ordered the day before, and we brought it over before the recital.


Mia did a really great job.

Now, we will be going radio silent for the next few weeks as we head to Japan. I still need to post about Ten’s bodybuilding competition, but I think I will scrap all of the minor posts I had planned. We are in for a big trip, but I hope to post about everything we do.