Birthday Party at the Water Club

Saturday was a busy/fun day. First , Mia had ballet rehearsal in the moring. I worked as a volunteer, so at 8:15 in the morning we loaded into the car and drove to the studio which is right across the boarder in NY. Mia practiced until 10, and then we drove back home to get ready for….another birthday party. It feels like every weekend we have 1-2 parties to go to. I think we have been to maybe 8 parties in the last six weeks! I just recently had to decline an invitation because it was just getting crazy out of hand! 

Anyway, this party was at a private water club which was super nice. The mom is actually a world famous athlete, so I really tried to only snap pictures of Mia….only fair as someone might actually recognize who she is.

Anyway, the kids spent the first hour of the party just hanging out in the pool and swimming. The moms chatted under the sun umbrellas. It was so nice because the club staff were constantly coming around to take drink orders and to see that we were  taken care of.

There is Mia in the orange floaties. The girl in the pink is wearing Emi’s. I brought hers just in case, and the mom that borrowed them was so thankful.

So, pool parties can be so dangerous. Mia actually got out of the water and asked if she could take the floaties off….She is a great swimmer, but safety first when playing around in the water. No sooner than I had explained to her why she had to keep them on…we saw a mom jump into the water, fully clothed (handbag and all). Apparently, her child had gone under and couldn’t get up to get air. The lifeguard didn’t even notice. The mom basically rescued her kid. So, so lucky. Mia said….wow, that was terrible. I will definitely keep these on.  Several kids ended up in floaties after that.

Bright and sunny day. I believe it was only 72 degrees….June in New England. Yay for heated pools.


Hi again!

After swimming we went indoors for lunch and entertainment. They had a small buffet set up, and you could order anything off of the restaurnt menu. They did a great job making sure everyone was taken care of. 

Mia had the balloon maker do a T-rex. She also had a purple cat made for Emi.

We then sang Happy Birthday, ate ice cream cake, and did face painting.

Snapped a pic in the car. She chose to have Pikachu….but she didn’t want the whole face…just a character…very cute.

We then got very nice gift bags to take home and everyone started to clear out. We were asked if we wanted to stay a bit to hang out

, but I knew Emi was waiting   at home. We said our goodbyes, and made our way to the car.

Fun way to spend the morning, and it’s so fun to celebrate a birthday with a family that you very much do like. 

After we grabbed Emi a Happy Meal and took her to the library with us. Whew, I was tired when we got home.