Birthday and Father’s Day Weekend

Ten is always a bit out of luck because his birthday and Father’s Day are usually only a few days apart. This year his birthday was the Friday before Father’s Day. Last year, I totally failed both gift wise and event wise, so this time around I wanted to make him feel special.

We decided not to do a cake this year, but one of his coworkers bought him a small piece of very nice cake…so Mia ran and grabbed a bunch of candles, so that we could do a proper celebration. 

We all sang Happy Birthday and Ten blew out his candles….and Mia and Emi quickly ate the cake up. I had a tiny taste of it….and oh my….it was delicious….and I immediately added “eat cake” to my Tokyo to do list.

We also gave Ten his gifts. We got him a cookbook for dads and a french fry slicer. He has been wanting this thing for a while….so I think he likes it…but we haven’t been able to test it out yet.

Beautiful princess candles on the cake.

On Sunday, we celebrated a really nice Father’s Day. We gave him a family compass and a nice book about what being a dad means. We then drove over an hour north to a Father’s Day BBQ at a local farm. We had a nice drive up and were able to buy some gifts for people in Japan there. Everything is locally made which makes it the best kind of gift in my opinion.

Once again….my phone memory was an issue so I got one photo of the setup….and it wasn’t a very good one. I absolutely need to get my phone all cleared out….it’s getting pretty ridiculous….and was in fact one reason that I stopped blogging in the past.

BBQ buffet under a big white tent.


They had cheeseburgers, hotdogs, watermelon, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, salad, cornbread, and just so much more. Also, there was a good breeze blowing…perfect lunch. We also enjoyed the apple cider they make there.

Ten had 3 cheeseburgers! They also had grilled chicken, brisket, and pulled pork. We didn’t try those…but it all looked really good.


We also had pie for dessert. I had a slice of blueberry but couldn’t finish it.


Ten had a slice of each…no idea how he can hold that much food.

Mia loved the food and the farm store. My little friend Emi was having the best time playing in the gravel.


So, that is what we did to celebrate Ten’s weekend. He really enjoyed his meal out, and it was well deserved. He does an awful lot for our family, so he deserved a day out to do something that he loves….eat and spend time with his kids 😉


Around here…

Our back to school schedule officially starts tomorrow! We won’t be going full throttle, as not all classes start this week, but some do begin. Emi will go to gymnastics until 11:00 and then swimming at  12:30. A pretty short day….but just the beginning.

Anyway, here are a few random things we have been up to.

Emi had her first dentist appointment. We weren’t quite sure how she would handle it since she fiercely dislikes strangers, but she did a great job!

The waiting room looked like you were riding in a plane. Very cute idea.


TVs in dentist and doctor’s offices are definitely a pet peeve of mine…I usually ask that they not turn them on, but this one was already on…so I just let it be.


The jungle room.


Mia checking out the room. Mia really wants to be a dentist when she grows up and loves watching people have their teeth cleaned. She said, “mom, my office is going to look just like this when I grow up.”


How are Emi’s teeth? No cavities and perfectly straight…so perfect in fact she will almost certainly need braces. So, looks like that will be something we need to think about it.

One morning we spent at the Children’s Museum, and I somehow only took this one picture. 


 We also took the girls to an event at Lyman Orchards so that they could ride a pony among other things.         

We also got their faces painted which we never pass up a chance to get our faces painted.

Emi holding as still as possible to have her face painted.


A pink butterfly. 🙂



…and Spiderman! Spidey was shooting webs at us for the rest of the day. Loved their choices!





Making some beautiful necklaces.


After a long morning out, we decided to stop at a diner for a quick bite before the long drive home.  

This chicken sandwich was so surprisingly good since it didn’t look like anything special.


Ten had a really tasty turkey sandwich and the girls had fries. They accidentally brought out two baskets, and it was just way too many fries.


Cider donut holes and chocolate chip cookies we bought to enjoy later.


Finally, a pic of Emi on our last grocery shopping trip. Shr chose the outfit all on her own. Oh, Emi. 


Strawberry Picking at Lyman Orchards

We have been having lots of rain in these parts recently, but we saw that on Saturday we would be having some really nice weather and wanted to make the most of it. I checked around a bit and found an orchard about an hour north of us that had just opened for strawberry season! We have had a great time picking apples, so we decided to give it a try.

We left home at about 9:30 and actually ran a few errands (stopping by the drycleaners and the bank), and were picking berries by 11:00.

A picture of actually right before we left. Not crowded at all. It was really nice to get out into what I would consider is the country.


Nice and neat rows. I love that about farms. Also, it was so easy for the girls to navigate the rows on their own. I think they enjoyed this more than apple picking since they didn’t need much help.

I honestly think Ten had the most fun. He was off picking berries before we had even made it to the field. Haha. Mia even told him to wait for us. I definitely always admire his enthusiasm for these sorts of outings.


Emi was determined to carry her own basket. She filled it up in no time picking the reddest berries she could find.


Mia picked a lot also. At one point she noticed if she squeezed on the berries then the juice would run out. Needless to say, we took home quite a few bruised berries.


So happy.


Very focused.


Near the end, the girls started eating the berries. I had told them not to, but by this point they were so hot and tired. I don’t think they could could resist anymore, so we had to get them out of there.

They would say “taaasty” before grabbing another strawberry to eat.


Me in the Gap shirt behind the girls. Seriously didnt even think to dress weather appropriately. It was over 80F and here I am in all black. Will take more time for myself next time…ha.


Leaving the strawberry field. Everyone hot but happy.


Weighing and paying. Strawberries were $3.25 per pound plus $1.50 for the tray. Very reasonable for where we live. We ended up with 9 pounds of strawberries!


Silly face before leaving.


Mia looking really hot. She had a hat, sunscreen, and lots to drink. She is just the type of kid that gets very rosy very fast in the heat.

After we loaded back into the car (we were out for about 45 min), we gave the girls some cold juice and Ten and I had Vitamin Water. We had plans for lunch but no one was very hungry after the heat, so we decided to just drive home. After the air was going and the girls were cooing down, they each had a small bag of chips to snack on.

These strawberries are so good. We have already eaten two cartons. The girls and I had some on a picnic today. I made stuffed French toast for Ten’s breakfast, and a strawberry dessert was on the menu for dinner. Tomorrow will be smoothies! No waste here.


Simple lunch at home after a morning out.


We had such a nice time here and will definitely be back for blueberries….though maybe not 9 lbs worth!