Kids U Birthday Party

So, trying to do a little bit of catch up from last weekend. I was going to do this in one post, but realized I just had too many pictures to combine for what the girls did last weekend.

Emi got invited to one of her best little friend’s birthday party last weekend in Stamford. So, we picked out a cute dress to wear with shorts underneath since it was at a gymnastics/inflatables type of place.

It has been brought to my attention that it looks like Mia only has one arm, and Emi looks…really weird…hahaha. Well, still a cute picture.

We dropped Ten and Mia off at the train station and headed straight over to Kids U in Stamford. This was the best venue for a 4 year olds party. I actually wish we would have used this place rather than the one that we had chosen.

Indoor slides on hot, humid days.

Same bouncy house obstacle course but at a different location. Emi flies through this thing in no time with as much practice as she has had on it.

Coming down the giant slide I had to talk her into trying. She played on this thing non-stop with the birthday girl.

Over and over again. Having such a good time.

After playing on the inflatables and this huge play structure, the kids got to enter a room that is more gymnastics like. Emi kept going across the beam trying out new things that she has learned in her gymnastics classes. She LOVES the beam.

After a little while, I had to convince Emi to go and try and something else. She is a fearless kid when it comes to physical challenges, but socially, she is very timid.

Flying on the trapeze. She was kind of meh with this, but tried it a few more times.

After the kids had played for more than an hour, we headed to the party room for pizza and cake.

Emi must have been starving because she ate two slices of pizza and all of her cake, which is about 2 slices of pizza more than usual. We said happy birthday and thank you and then headed to the grocery store. We were so tired when it was finally time to go get Mia and Ten!

Also, we got the birthday girl a mermaid tail blanket, set of dress up rings, and a birthday reading book. Really cute gifts for a 4 year old girl. In the goody bag, Emi got one of those mermaid sequence slap bracelets which she hasn’t taken off since.


Birthday Party at Kids U

On Saturday, we had our second to last birthday of the school year. I know we have finished school, but the birthday parties are stil going for Mia’s classmates.

For this party, Ten decided to take Mia, and I hung out with Emi. The party was at one of those places with inflatables, and the theme was Lego Batman. Mia asked me to buy a Batman gift for this friend, so we actually got him some Lego Batman things….she knew exactly what her friend like. 

Lego Batman cupcakes. So cute…and good job Ten for snapping these pics.

The pictures are very out of order, but here is Mia and ger best friend having some pizza.  

Selfie time.


The kids got to play in a gym space and the inflatable space. Honestly, these aren’t my favorite types of party to attend because someone usually ends up hurt….and pretty badly….but today there were no major problems. 

Mia had a great time seeing all of her friends from school. A lot of them will be moving to Kindergarten next year, so I feel like that this will be the final get together for this group….and btw Emi ended up getting a cupcake out of this.