We had visitors…

 So last week, we were able to host Ten’s aunt and uncle from Kobe! They were taking their retirement vacation wich included a few days in NYC, Yellow Stone, Vegas….and honestly I forget where else…but they had a very busy schedule.  

One of the awesome things was…I got a Japanese housewife for a day. I joke with Ten about this all of the time. No, but his aunt spent basically one full day at our house cooking. She loves making onigiri and is planning on opening her own shop when they get back to Japan.

They also spent a lot of time with the girls doing things like playing, doing homework, and reading. The girls are seriously in love with their great uncle. Emi was fairly terrified at first though.

 It was very nice getting to spend some extremely rare time with Ten’s family. It was really good for everyone…but after a week it was also nice to get our space back 😉