We Ventured Out

Fruday we we were still under wind advisories from the big storm, so schools were cancelled and Ten once again worked from home. I was quite happy to not have to make the half hour drive to and from school. However, we desperately needed to get out. So, me and the girls packed up and went to Emi’s gymnastics class around 12:30 pm. I received texts from friends saying they were staying inside, but we needed to go do something.

I’m happy to say even though the roads were still snow covered in areas, we made it safely to her class.


Looks like Emi’s instructor couldn’t make it to class, so another had to fill in. Also, we decided to go with leggings and a shirt…just too cold for a leotard in my opinion.


Mia wanted to take a selfie. Hello beautiful!

After Mia very patiently sat through Emi’s lesson, we went over to the playroom that they have for younger kids. There are a few slides, ball pit, trampoline, etc….so a perfect spot to burn off some energy.


All smiles. The best of friends. Some much needed playtime.

The girls jumped and ran around for over an hour and a half and had a blast. They of course made a group of new friends to play with as well. It’s amazing how easy kids can make friends with each other. I in the meantime took turns watching them play, chatting with caregivers, and reading a book. The girls had such a nice time.

Next, we packed up and headed out for a late lunch/early dinner.


Welcome to Dinosaur BBQ.


The restaurant had some interesting artwork on the walls. Apparently, this place is a biker restaurant in NY, but CT has a more family feel.

This place smelled amazing and had the best fresh squeezed lemonade and sweet tea. Sooo good. We will definitely need to come back with Ten.


My order was hand cut fries (Emi ate most of them), coleslaw, and a BLT (made with fried green tomatoes). Really good, but next I’m going with the BBQ

Of course, we weren’t out to eat alone. We had a whole table of friends to hang with. Adults on one side and kids on the other. This is the best group of little friends.



…and getting ready to head back into the cold.

We had a very nice afternoon, and need to plan some more days out soon for our sanity!



Gymnastics Observation Day for Emi

June 6 was Emi’s observation day for gymnastics. This is a mommy and me class, so it basically meant the teachers helped out more than usual so we could take pictures.

Emi loves gymnastics. It is by far her favorite activity. 

A smiling blur.


Bear crawling across the bars.


Smiling while getting ready to go upside down.


I asked her to just stay still for a moment. Love this picture.


Handstand practice.

And of course…..there had to be a medal ceremony.  

Gymnastics is Emi’s thing for the moment. She loves to swing, jump, flip, and run. Also, she has no concern for her own safety. Perfect for her. I think we will be taking the summer off, but we will start back up in the fall.

Emi’s last day of gymnastics 2016

 Today was Emi’s final day of gymnastics. This class has been the absolute best for her and has really helped her come out of her shell. I know that she will really miss this place over the summer.

Pretending to be a monkey. Really blurry but you get the idea.


Running (and sometimes jumping) is probably her favorite activity for gym class.


Practicing her balance, and you can see Mia in the backgroud in the olive green shirt. She got to tag along but mainly did her own thing.


Near the end of the class the bouncy house is brought out. I love that she gets to play in a small bouncy house once a week.


Big smiles.


Mia loves Emi’s gym class because it is basically a big open play. She was disappointed that it is over for the summer.


At the end of the class, all of the kids were given medals for a job well done. We waited to give Mia her medal until today since we all knew she would be at Emi’s class.

Good job girls for making it through a year of gym classes!


Last day of gymnastics 2016

Mia has been doing gymnastics for the past year at the YWCA and today was her last class of the year. Usually, we just drop her off but today we were able to sit and watch.

Stretches. I find this to be the cutest part. Also, today we decided not to wear a leotard since we had plans to meet friends at the park.


Working on her bridge. Notice that there is only 1 other girl in the class. We always try to find the classes with the smallest number of kids.

  After stretching the girls did circuits for the first part of the class.  

Later they moved into the other half of the gym that has the balance beams, trampoline, uneven bars, etc. Most of these pictures are really blurry from Emi bouncing around and the fact that it is pretty hard to get a still shot in a gymanstics class.


Here is a little video clip.  We aren’t training for the Olympics or anything like that, but we want the girls to have a chance to build different muscles.

Anyway, tomorrow Mia will get her gymnastics medal for a job well done. I’m really looking forward to next year’s class already.