Pumpkin Patch


Hay maze…we let the girls go in alone…and then I panicked and sent Ten in after them.


Emi’s favorite for the past 3 years now.


Vegetarian Yakisoba


The Pumpkin Lady was a sheriff this year.


One of the elementary schools in our town puts on an amazing fall festival each year. There are bouncy houses, fun games, a haunted house, amazing food, and a Lil Tykes village where the littlest kids can play. This is our third year to attend, and we had an awesome time….however, I realized that this festival is actually super expensive. $1 per ticket….and the little, tiny hay maze was 2 tickets…so $4 for about 1 minute of fun. Also, $6 for yakisoba…I don’t know.

Either way, this year the girls had so much fun. They were terrified of the bouncy houses but loved the games. Just a nice day out in New England.


Another fall festival

I think October is a month long fall festival for us, and that is fine because we love them!

Last Sunday, we made a trip to the Japanese School of New York to attend their festival. Mia had such a great time and was able to catch up with so many of her friends. 

We can NEVER escape this game. Yo-yo fishing and face painting are the BEST if you ask these two.

We also headed indoors to try our luck at some games.  



Scooping…not sure if that gives you an idea of what this is…but you basically get to scoop up some prizes into a bag.


Raffle time. No win this time, but so much fun.


We spent a lot of time in the courtyard just playing with friends.


It was a really nice event, and seriously not a word of English was to be heard. Ten loved that it was just like a school in Japan…except for in the US. 

In other non festival related events. Chelsea Piers…thank you for creating this giant ball pit….with a trampoline for jumping into it. Childhood dreams right here.

Also, safety kid Emi. She looked so cute in her hat.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Fall Festival at a Friend’s School

Saturday after dance class for Mia (and a 40 minute walk for Emi and I with a friend), the girls and I drove 30 minutes to the town over to attend a fall festival at one of Mia’s friend’s school. She also attends a private school, so that meant it would be far less crowded than a public school event….and when I am taking both girls without Ten…that just makes everything a little bit easier.

As soon as we got there, Mia and Emi wanted to go straight to get their faces painted. My kids cannot pass up getting their faces painted, but they want it washed off as soon as they get home.

Mia getting painted while Emi patiently looks at her options.


…and she chose a cheetah…her usual choice.


Emi getting her usual…a variation of a butterfly.


Purple and pink. Her most loved colors.


The girls also got tattoos. Their second most loved festival activity.


They had so many fun activities and big trucks outside, but my kids ended up decorating pumpkins the entire time. They were so excited when they realized that they got to KEEP their pumpkins. 🙂


We did venture outside to grab lunch from a food truck, and we got to see a fire engine spray water. This was pretty neat….but side note…kind of painful to watch. Our town and surrounding towns are experiencing an extreme drought and the water reserves have dropped to 30%. We are actually using water from other towns now….so I was disturbed to see so much water going to waste. It could have been a good lesson in water conservation for the community.

The girls each chose an icecream before we made the half an hour drive back home. Emi decided on Hello Kitty, and Mia went with Spider Man. Considering we three shared an order of fries and chicken strips 2 hours before…it wasn’t going too crazy.   

Anyway, we zoomed home and grabbed a few things and headed to Kumon. It took the girls about an hour to finish their work. I was told that both girls are doing extremely well. Mia can now read at a first grade level (in Japanese).

We were exhausted by the time we were finished. Just done for the day! So, it was great timing when Ten said that he was almost to the train station. Perfect timing. Yes, he had to work on a Satutday….his work hours are so intense recently. But anyway, we decided to meet at one of our favorite local pizza spots to grab an early dinner.


My gigantic salad that I got to go…I ended up having this for two meals…and shared some with Ten. Cajun chicken on a Greek salad…so good.


Also (upside down pic), but Ten brought me home a piece of cake from one of our favorite NYC bakeries. So sweet of him.


S’mores cake…SO. GOOD.

We all went home and showered and soaked in a nice hinoki (Japanese cypress?) bath. Smelled so good and great way to relax.

Around here lately….

I have disappeared from my blog to keep things afloat at home. We are going full throttle, and I am proud to say that we haven’t missed any of our classes this week, and the girls are doing an amazing job with everything.

Our big news is that Emi started her first day of preschool, and she is doing an amazing job. Her teacher has said that she is very advanced for her age, and we are so happy to hear that….want to make sure she isn’t left behind since she is a second child. 

Love this little girl.


One more…same pose.


Here is Emi at her ballet school. Cute! Also, her gymnastics teacher is insisting we move her up a level (we aren’t), but good job Emi.


On our way to school orientation one early morning.

It’s been so nice spending one on one time with her.

  Mia has been having tons of fun at school.

She also recently interviewed at a piano sachool and was accepted! Yay for Mia. We are very much looking forward to her first piano recital.

Playing dress up and writing…would love to know what she is thinking.


We also attended the fall festival at our local Japanese supermarket, and Mia won this big bag of brown rice during the raffle. We were so excited. Way to go Mia!

A few pics of what we bought that day. Loved the curry with the fall vegetables.

Anyway, there we are. We have lots of fun things coming up this month…but just wanted to stop in and say we are doing our best adjusting to the new school year.