Our Container Garden

 On Saturday, we actually had some free time. Mia did have ballet rehearsal in the morning, but after that was finished we popped over to the Home Depot. We decided that we were going to plant veggies. We have always wanted to do this, and it fit well with the books we are doing for Emi’s “homeschooling unit.”

So, we spent a pretty penny (not going to lie), and bought flowers, planters, soil, and veggies. The girls were really happy with their choices. 

Here they are getting ready to transplant some flowers. You can also see our cherry tomato plant.


We spent a good hour outside planting things. The girls were scooping out everything on their own, so it was a lot messier and took longer than it should have, but the girls were having a great time which was the point.

Ok…so… we have a cherry tomato plant, two streberry plants, Japanese eggplant (which we prefer over those giant styrofoam tasting eggplants here), marigolds, lavendar, and two other types of flowers…which I didn’t bother to check the name. Basically, Mia chose red and Emi chose purple.


Very proud of their work and excited to see if we actually grow anything.

After working outside a bit (Ten was doing some much neededyard work while we were planting our vegetables), we moved inside to create our stepping stones.

Emi decided to make 2 hand prints, and Mia chose to do one. This project was a lot of work, but the finished project turned out very nicely.

We were all worn out by 5:00 pm. Ten had been at the gym all morning and followed that with tons of outside work. Me and the girls had done rehearsal, a shopping trip, outdoor and indoor activities…so we were ready to kick back and relax.

We finished the day by watching “The Secret World of Arrietty.” I had surprisingly never seen this movie before. It is loosely based on “The Borrowers.” I honestly remember watching that movie as a kid, but I don’t remember a whole lot about it. We all loved this movie.  Lots of questions left unanswered at the end of the movie, but really good. Also, fyi…we do watch Japanese movies in Japanese…dubbed movies drive me insane…and as three people in the house are Japanese speakers…it would be weird otherwise…of course, I totally use English subtitles 95% of the time.

Anyway, that was our day at home this weekend. Productive but mostly fun.


Emi’s Halloween Party

I am several posts behind…which only proves to me that we really do too much. A problem that we are currently working on in earnest.

So, I wanted to share a few pictures from Emi’s Halloween parties. 

Emi chose Alice in Wonderland. She loves Alice because she jumps down the rabbit hole and her dress poofs out like an umbrella.

Emi had her first Halloween party at school, but unfortunately parents could not attend. However, I was able to volunteer to bring a treat for the class. I was kind of scratching my head on what to do. Soooo many people where we live are kind of crazy (imo) about what their kids eat….to an extreme…so I had to get creative. I ordered some ice cream cups and decided to draw these faces on them. Sharpies have proven to be my best friend.  

Inside I put watermelon, pineapple, and organic blueberries. The teachers said that the kids loved it!


A few of the goodies in her treat bag. The rubber duck is what we brought. Each child had to bring a small item to hand out for trick-or-treating in class…and the ducks were our contribution.


We also did Halloween themed days in dancing and music class. 


Emi had a great lead up to actual Halloween. She was so excited to get to do more this year….and the nicest part was that she wanted to share everything with Mia. Mia’s post and actual Halloween to follow.