Moana Dance Camp

So, I have quite a few posts that I need to wrap up. So, going to start with one of the shorter ones. Last week, the girls attended Moana dance camp and had the best time. It was a was a three hour program every day for a whole week. They practiced some hula, did crafts, and  ate snacks. However,  Mia did ask me if I would pack them a snack from home because the dance school snack was too small. So, every morning I packed up some fruit, crackers, and a few other things to send with them.

This was clearly a drop off program, so I could only snap a few pictures….also the memory on my phone is non-existent.

Here the girls were at the end of one class playing with scarves and wearing their Moana costumes.

When we got home one day, the girls wanted to show me their Moana poses….I’ve learned that everything has a pose.  

The girls made lots of crafts throughout the week. There were fish, boats, bags, hats….just so many ocean themed things.

Wind socks seem to be a popular craft in these parts.


On the last day, I snuck in a bit early to try and grab some video. After a total of 3 seconds, my memory was full 😦 Also, you can’t even see Emi because she was hiding in the back. I did try though.

The girls had a great time. They were so excited to go back every morning. Next year, we might thing of extending this camp a bit.


Catching Up

Hi there! Just checking in. We are winding down the last bit of summer activities. Emi successfully finished her program that she attended at the farm, swimming, and we battled through a gentle separation program. FYI the program didn’t work all that well for us. There were a lot of factors (including it being a partial mommy and me…meaning some of the moms didn’t separate…so too many factors to pin down why it didn’t work well for us). Mia finished 4 exhausting but fun weeks at day camp. She is now in her last 4 days of Camp Move to Learn. It’s a camp that integrates kids that are typical and those with special needs, and it has been a very worthwhile experience for her. Two great programs for her this summer.

Here are a few random photos from the last few weeks. Including one from our first trip to Five Guys. Seriously…why hadn’t we tried this before!

In other intersting news, this totally happened….


So, many moons ago, Ten and I were a better than average fit couple. Two kids (3 pregnancies for me…none shall we say typical), a move to a new country, and then a move to a new state/town and buying of a house, just really made fitness like 0% important. Well Ten decided to get back into shape (which means gaining tons of muscle), and he soon after dislocated his shoulder at the gym. An X-Ray and MRI confirmed the damage. Luckily no surgery needed, but he does have to go through 8 weeks of rehab. Awesome.

Also, we have an architect coming to our house this week to start some renovations that need to be done to our house. Mia has asked if we can just move the entire house to the beach and add a “tower.” I wish!

In final news, we decided to let Mia quit going to Kumon for the time being. Emi will still go. Mia is so far ahead for her age in math and reading, but has started to really hate Kumon….so we want to protect a love of learning there. We may pick it up again later, but done for now. 

P.S. I often read these super mom type blogs….and please, please…tell me these ladies are neglecting something in their lives! I have so much admin stuff I am behind on! Passport apps, insurance claims, a wedding gift to buy when the event is already over!! the list just keeps going!! Also, doing a massive decluttering and it feels like I will never be done. Maybe easier once my kids are school age? I just keep thinking….need to work harder!!

Mia’s First Summer Camp Experience

I hope everyone had a really good weekend. We didn’t do anything major here. We took Saturday morning to go to Marshalls to buy Ten some work shirts. JP Morgan has recently changed their dress code and are allowing for a more casual style of clothing. This is so great as Ten has to commute over two hours a day, and the new dress code is much  more comfortable. We also went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and then did a quick lunch at Burger King followed by a trip to the library. Finally, we dropped both girls off at Kumon while me and Ten shared a bag of jerky and each had a drink from Walgreens….so can now officially say we have been on a date without the kids as we ate food (and not at home) without them 😉 We topped the day off with watching Totoro for movie night.

Sunday we basically made a point to stay home and do things like drive around the power wheel, ride bikes, read books, etc. We also talked a little bit about our summer vacation plans and our plans for our trip to Japan. Basically we were relaxing but also getting prepared for the weekend.

Anyway, Monday means back to day camp for Mia. She attends camp Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. She has been having a great time, but by the time Friday rolls around, she wants nothing to do with camp. It’s hard to be gone from home all day like that at her age. She has a great time doing things like rope courses, zip lining, boating, fishing, magic shows, etc. They just get to do so much. This week is bungee jumping! I am not even kidding. So she is totally worn out by Friday but is experiencing so much during the week.

I wanted to share just a few photos of her at camp. 

Very first day of camp. She was very excited.


Waiting for the camp bus. She was a little nervous about riding the bus on the first day, but now she has made great bus friends and loves it.


Bye Mia!


Here the kids are during theater class one day. I think they were doing Peter and the Wolf.


Mia with a group of girls pretending to be wolves.


Playing with one of her friends from preschool.



Everyday the kids get to swim twice. They have a swim lesson and then also have a session of just free play in the kiddy pool.


Mia’s camp also has several special events each week. They’ve had a magician come and perform, water slide inflatable days, foam parties, and so much more….plus lunch is catered every day! These kids have it extremely good. We are lucky.

Mia during the foam party last week.


Mia has two more weeks (we signed up for 4 of the 8 weeks) to enjoy this camp, and then she will be off to a swimming camp that she begged us to go to. I think next summer we may make her choose one or the other, but for this summer she gets to try out both.

PS: I have two posts left from our summer vacation, and then I will be all caught up.

PPS: Our camp has a photographer…I haven’t been some crazy mom stalking the camp. They are all via the photographer…who gets paid to stalk our kids…ha.