Birthday Party at Kids U

On Saturday, we had our second to last birthday of the school year. I know we have finished school, but the birthday parties are stil going for Mia’s classmates.

For this party, Ten decided to take Mia, and I hung out with Emi. The party was at one of those places with inflatables, and the theme was Lego Batman. Mia asked me to buy a Batman gift for this friend, so we actually got him some Lego Batman things….she knew exactly what her friend like. 

Lego Batman cupcakes. So cute…and good job Ten for snapping these pics.

The pictures are very out of order, but here is Mia and ger best friend having some pizza.  

Selfie time.


The kids got to play in a gym space and the inflatable space. Honestly, these aren’t my favorite types of party to attend because someone usually ends up hurt….and pretty badly….but today there were no major problems. 

Mia had a great time seeing all of her friends from school. A lot of them will be moving to Kindergarten next year, so I feel like that this will be the final get together for this group….and btw Emi ended up getting a cupcake out of this.


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