End of Year Sing-a-Long

 Every year (after the last day of school), Mia’s school has a sing-a-long and watermelon party. Usually it is at the outdoor theater, but this year it was raining like crazy. So, on May 18, we all made our way in the rain to the picnic pavilion to watch the sing-a-long.

Can you spot Mia?


There she is. Pink lady bug raincoat and red Ninjago t-shirt.

The kids went through their song list…which included a song about wooly underwear, the school anthem, and several more.  

After the singing, we headed out into the rain and walked to Mia’s classroom for some playtime and a watermelon party. Unfortunately, the class mom forgot to bring the watermelon. It’s kind of been like that all year with this class mom. It actually wasn’t surprising but definitely disappointing for the kids. Next year, hopefully, we will have a rock star class mom. We have kind of struck out the past two years.

After the kids got their certificates, we were officially done for the school year.  No more spending hours driving back and forth to this school for the summer!

Below is a small clip from our day.

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