Summer Adventures: Maritime Aquarium

 Emi has been asking to visit the aquarium on a weekly basis. She loves watching the fish, but we rarely make the trip over to the aquarium….for a few different reasons. 1) It is pretty expensive (so we ended up getting the membership this time, so future visits are free). 2)Parking isn’t cheap. 3) I loath aquariums (which is mostly why we haven’t visited).

In fact, we hadn’t visited this aquarium since October 2015. My grandma came to visit us and visiting an aquarium was on her bucket list, so of course we decided to take her here for the day. She LOVED it. Anyway, so Emi wanted to go…so after Mia’s last day of school we made an impromptu visit. We picked Mia up, swung by Burger King for a quick lunch, and then made our way up to Norwalk to visit The Maritime Aquarium.

When we first entered, we noticed that they had a new coral reef display. There were so many “Dory” fish that it was an instant success.


We then walked over to the shipwreck. A giant sea turtle swam right up to the glass and gave Mia a good scare. Emi said, “Dont worry Mia. It’s just a turtle.”  There is something very relaxing about watching giant turtles swimming around. 

Next, we saw the octopus. Emi’s FAVORITE! She has been talking about seeing this guy forever. We also enjoyed watching the jelly fish swim around.

Our next stop was the shark tank. 


Finally we made it to a touch tank. We were able to get our hands on a scallop, crab, snails, and a starfish.


Shark divers!


We also stopped by to see Toothless. This is a black dragon and the inspiration for the character from “How to Train Your Dragon”‘….supposedly.


We also took a peak at the meerkats. It seems so random that an aquarium has these guys. When we have been here in the past, they have always been sleeping. However, on this trip….they were up playing and running about. One was even sitting directly on top of the observation bubble.

Next we went over to see the rays and sharks.


The pool for the rays.

I should have snapped a picture of the big screen that they have where you can design a sea animal and then let it loose into the picture. Emi took her time coloring and then recoloring a sea turtle.  She named her “Turtle.”  

Mia took her time creating this shark. She chose to name her Mia after herself 🙂

Our final stop of the afternoon was the little fishing boat.


Oh no! A shark!

After a long day, we went home and the girls were in bed by like 6:00! 

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