Emi’s first dance performance

 On Friday (May 19), Emi had her first dance “recital.” At least, the school called it a recital. It was basically a parent observation day with a pretty backdrop and matching tutus….more on those later.

She is the cutest thing in pigtails.


Doing some ballet stretches before the performance.


Standing on her spot. She is seriously adorable.


The show was basically based on the idea that the girls were stars who liked to dance around a sleeping ballerina. Also, each dancer had the chance to perform a solo. Emi used hers as a chance to break from the group and come and give me a hug. The funny thing is, I whispered to Ten before it started that that would happen. 

At the end of the performance, we gave Emi a small bouquet of flowers. She was so happy to get these.  She has had to watch Mia receive flowers quite a few times, so this was a true special treat.


Loving her flowers. She held on to these for the entire ride to pick Mia up from school and to go home.


Emi did such a great job. She definitely is a hesitant kid when it comes to doing things indepently, so it was a great experience for her.

Now, the tutus….they cost an astounding $45! Ridiculous considering one mom said she had the exact same one….and it cost $12.  Such a ridiculous price that they required us to pay….and fwiw I did tell the owner that I thought it was an excessive amount to pay.

Anyway, here are a few clips from the performance.

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