Birthdays: Chocolate Works and Clubhouse 

Doesn’t it feel like there are about a million birthday parties to attend in the spring? We have already had three this month alone. I typically dread these things because: 1) I’m terrible at choosing gifts. 2) They use up about half a day of our one day off a week. 3) Uncomfortable small talk with people I don’t really know.

However, this year I think I’m finally better at choosing gifts, battling through the social awkwardness, and seeing them as a nice day out.
On Saturday (May 13), we had a scheduling crises. A party for Emi from 11:30-1:30, a party for Mia from 11:00-1:00, and a dance recital at 1:30….all in different towns with one car. It was tough, but we made it work and were able to celebrate with all of our friends.
First, we dropped Ten and Mia off at Chocolate Works. This is the second party that Mia has attended here, and she has loved both of them. The kids basically make and eat sweets. What more can you ask for? Then Emi and I headed over to the clubhouse at her friend’s condo. It was Doc McStuffins themed which was very cute.
Here are a few snaps of each girl enjoying time with their friends.

Emi discovered the balloons, and then it was over. She didn’t want any of the snacks or to even play with anyone else…it was all about the balloons.


Emi had a great time. We basically played with balloons, but she also had fun when the music man arrived to entertain the kids. They also made little musical shakers, and she also made one for Mia. I thought that that was very sweet. We had to leave halfway through, but the hosts packed her a treat bag with goldfish, 4 cupcakes!, and of course some Doc Mcstuffins swag. It was a good chance to chat with some parents from her preschool as well as from her ballet class.

Party Number 2. Mia said she had a lot of fun. She made chocolate and two candy bracelets (one for herself and one for Emi….love that they both thought of each other). She decided to skip both the pizza and the cake though! I think she was a little nervous about the dance recital after.

Here are a few snaps of her day out.


Chocolate creation and the candy bracelet she made for herself.


Mia and friends watching the chocolate on the conveyor belt. These girls are the sweetest.


Mia’s chocolate. She chose a video game controller and thought it was the coolest thing. She added lots of decorations after.

Oh and what did we get the birthday girls? 

For the 5 year old: Palace Pets Legos and a bracelet making kit.

For the 3 year old: This Melissa and Doug Sushi Set and this sticker book. 

I actually got everything from Amazon, but for whatever reason…I can’t open the site.

The girls had great times at their own events, so it was worth all the crazy driving.

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