2017 Dance Recital- “Say Yes to the Dress”

We have officially finished our second season of dance. While we enjoyed it, it’s also nice to have our Saturdays back.  This year Mia once again took “Pre-Dance” with a very sweet teacher named Ms. Jenna, and today (May 13) was the wedding themed recital.

Here the girls are at dress rehearsal on Friday, May 12. I believe practicing the finale.

Mia and I have been busy attending all of the rehearsals for the past 3 weeks while Ten has been home taking care of Emi. It really was a family effort. 

We have almost a rule in our house that we try to volunteer at all events that our kids attend. If you have ever been backstage at something, then I’m sure you know why. If a parent is present, you can make sure they are taken care of and not overlooked….which sadly does happen with these sort of events when the adults are just so outnumbered. It also lets us spend more time with the girls and shows them that we really value their activities.

Emi before the show. Love this outfit! Ten actually snapped all of the pics. I didn’t get to see a thing since I was backstage. Looks like she was having fun.


Another look at the finale. Loved Mia’s costume this year.


Here Mia is after the performance. She loves getting flowers after each show! She was asking if she would get them all week…and I just said…”hmm, maybe.” She knew she would get them, but we let the suspense build.

Mia with the little party favor they gave at the end…and Emi just perfectly sums up how I felt after the recital.

…by the way…rained so hard this day..so the girls were prepared to head out in the puddles.

Team Temmoku. Anothere recital finished. Good job guys! I was still backstage helping kids find their parents.

So, the question is…will we continue next year? I’m not sure. Mia is in this “for fun dance school” and a “pre-professional ballet academy.” I kind of think that it is one dance program too many, especially if she wants to try a new activity. I do know that she is interested in hip-hop and martial arts….so we will see.

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