I was fairly sure that I hadn’t blogged in over a year and was genuinely surprised to see that it was only 7 months! Time flies and stands still at the same time. Anyway, I’ve decided to give this blog thing a go again. 

I feel like this is really and truly the best way for me to preserve memories, and it is such a good stress reliever. It gives me space to just clear my mind. 

Also, my blog was able to help someone or at least give someone comfort. I made a bit of a Tokyo pen pal recently. She found my blog and reached out to me, and that is a pretty special thing. 

So here we go again, but the catch is….I’m not going to really tell anyone that I’ve started blogging again! I’m just going to silently carve out my space on the Internet, and if someone stumbles here and finds this…then awesome….if no one reads it…I’m pretty fine with that too!

So, catching up…..we have celebrated several holidays, Mia got to have her first real birthday party, we travelled to Missouri, I’ve found out how entightled/gross people in Greenwich can be, my grandma was reincarnated (possibly into my beta fish), Emi had not one but two cavities filled (and nothing will make you feel more like a crap parent like your kid getting a cavity), and just a whole lot more. 

So, here we go again?! Maybe third times the charm.

Emi is a master tantrum thrower. Her signature move is the kick/stomp.


Mia is obsessed at the moment with science…especially bodies and how they work….and she loves watching a good dental procedure.


Emi appareny doesnt have her 2 year molars yet….at 3…but they are coming in in a slow and tortuous way…lots of time has been spent cuddling on the couch.


Perfect New England dresses for a 5th birthday party at the farm.


….another season…another dance recital. Emi also has a recital this year…cant wait to see that!


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