Playing Hooky

 I am so trying to publish all of these posts about what we have been up to, but I’m so far behind! Last Wednesday was Yom Kippur so both girls were out of school for the day (and we decided to skip out on gymnastics), so we had an entire day to ourselves! At the very last minute we decided to make a trip to the zoo.

I assure you they were excited.


I have several pictures of Mia measuring her wingspan. She loves to see what kind of bird she is up too…slightly bigger than an owl fyi.


Emi found the nearest lion to ride. She always tries to climb into the animal pens…every time…never fails. So, of course she found a statue to try to ride.

The zoo was all decorated for Halloween, but we enjoyed the pumpkin scarecrows the most. They girls loved The Cat in the Hat.    

Mia’s zombie pose…she has a total thing about zombies right now…she HATES them…but insists on posing like one.


We actually ran into some friends while there and made some new ones. They were having a great time playing Star Wars. Mia and Emi love Star Wars despite having never watched a single movie or animated show about it….It is pretty fun to watch what they come up with.

After spending the morning with our friends, we decided to eat lunch at the zoo and then spend some more time exploring. We would normally pack a lunch but this was a spontaneous trip.

Emi decided on a peanut butter and jelly while Mia had mozarella sticks. They also both ordered a juice. i just had a water. I had drank a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks on the way up and was still feeling pretty full.

Next we were off to the Barn Yard which was decorated in a gory way.  Totally not age appropriate but we made the best of it.

…of course Emi found this.

At the end of the trip, Emi wanted to use some of her otoshidama to buy a toy from the gift shop. It’s her money so, sure why not. She ended up choosing this pink otter to add to her pink animal collection. This girl loves pink.

I love this picture of Emi…and the photobombing Mia.

Mia asked if we could stop by a toy story on the way home to buy a toy too. Sure, no problem. Once again, totally her money. She walked out with a Pikachu figure and Poke Ball. 

We went home extremely exhausted but had spent a very nice day off.


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