Another fall festival

I think October is a month long fall festival for us, and that is fine because we love them!

Last Sunday, we made a trip to the Japanese School of New York to attend their festival. Mia had such a great time and was able to catch up with so many of her friends. 

We can NEVER escape this game. Yo-yo fishing and face painting are the BEST if you ask these two.

We also headed indoors to try our luck at some games.  



Scooping…not sure if that gives you an idea of what this is…but you basically get to scoop up some prizes into a bag.


Raffle time. No win this time, but so much fun.


We spent a lot of time in the courtyard just playing with friends.


It was a really nice event, and seriously not a word of English was to be heard. Ten loved that it was just like a school in Japan…except for in the US. 

In other non festival related events. Chelsea Piers…thank you for creating this giant ball pit….with a trampoline for jumping into it. Childhood dreams right here.

Also, safety kid Emi. She looked so cute in her hat.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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