Around here lately….

I have disappeared from my blog to keep things afloat at home. We are going full throttle, and I am proud to say that we haven’t missed any of our classes this week, and the girls are doing an amazing job with everything.

Our big news is that Emi started her first day of preschool, and she is doing an amazing job. Her teacher has said that she is very advanced for her age, and we are so happy to hear that….want to make sure she isn’t left behind since she is a second child. 

Love this little girl.


One more…same pose.


Here is Emi at her ballet school. Cute! Also, her gymnastics teacher is insisting we move her up a level (we aren’t), but good job Emi.


On our way to school orientation one early morning.

It’s been so nice spending one on one time with her.

  Mia has been having tons of fun at school.

She also recently interviewed at a piano sachool and was accepted! Yay for Mia. We are very much looking forward to her first piano recital.

Playing dress up and writing…would love to know what she is thinking.


We also attended the fall festival at our local Japanese supermarket, and Mia won this big bag of brown rice during the raffle. We were so excited. Way to go Mia!

A few pics of what we bought that day. Loved the curry with the fall vegetables.

Anyway, there we are. We have lots of fun things coming up this month…but just wanted to stop in and say we are doing our best adjusting to the new school year.

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