Have you ever been to a field of over 350,000 sunflowers? When I heard about this sunflower maze, I knew that it was going to be added to our short list of places to go. Fortunately, everyone was in total agreement. So on Friday we were going to have a day without storms, and we made the drive up to Lyman Orchards.

Stretching a little after our car ride. We got out of the car, and you could tell it was going to end up being a HOT day.


Walking to the sunflower field. The girls were immediately impressed.


These two can fight with the best of them, but they really are best friends.


Love all of the sunflowers. We came during the peak of the flowers and during a weekday. No crowds. Not many people in general.


Hi! Ten snapped this pic of us before heading into the maze. It was in the shape of a train and absolutely huge! It was harder than I thought.


We let the girls guide us through the maze. Mia had a great time figuring out where to go, and Emi collected several rocks for her collection.


Here we are at station 1. Each station had a trivia question to go with it. If you answered correctly, it would tell you the right direction to take. Answer wrong, and you may be going in loops.


Love this picture. Mia was getting really hot by this time and so thirsty, but we still had to find our way out.


Me and Emi. She never cooperates for pictures. :/


The red were amazing. Wish they had more.


Station 9 of 10. Everyone had a bit more energy knowing we were almost finished.


Yay! we made it. It tooks us 45 minutes to an hour…and we were hot amd covered in dirt but had the best time.

After the maze, we needed some down time. We headed to the Apple Barrel which is the store at the farm to have a picnic on the nice and breezy deck. First, we had to check out the inside, and we were in heaven. 

So mucu fresh fruit and veggies here. Either from the farm or grown locally. Ten and I are suckers for these farm stores. Even though we packed a lunch, we decided to grab a few things.


Mia and Emi chose these gourmet suckers. Soo many great things to choose from, and they get these mass produced suckers…haha. They got to choose though, so whatever they liked was fine with us.


Feeling much happier after food and drinks after being out in that super hot sun.


We grabbed some of their farm made pickles. We ate them in one sitting…before we even left our picnic table. Our family loves a good pickle, and these were so good.


Loved our lunchtime view. Sometimes I think maybe country living wouldnt be that bad….but I’m still not convinced it is fot us.


Nice and green. We have been having lots of thunderstorms, but we still need a lot more rain. You can’t tell by this picture, but we are actually suffering from a drought.


So Ten chose 4 fresh peaches to bring home, but I couldn’t help myself…i had to buy a …


cinammon cider donught. This thing was one of the best I’ve had! Will definitely grabbing a few when we come back.

After such a nice morning out, we decided to call it a day and head home. It took us a good hour and a half to get back with all of the Friday traffic. 

Yep, stopped at Starbucks right before we got home. The girls got a cake pop (sugar overload), Ten had a Refresher, and I had the coconut milk mocha… love this thing…and a donut as a snack.

When we got home, Ten got straight to doing yard work. I quickly put Emi down for a nap, and then asked Mia what she what she wanted to do. She didn’t hesitate for a second in saying library. We decided to walk down, and she picked out tons of books. 

Mia created a jungle with all of the animals here. I love spending time at our library. It is just so pretty and has so much light.

So, that was our day. We went home and watched the movie Rio for our family movie night. We LOVED this movie. 

In other news, on Saturday we took the girls to get fitted for ballet slippers, leotards, etc. It was so fun. Emi picked out a gorgeous leotard and tutu and sparkly slippers. Mia had to get what she had to get. Her two dance schools require specific uniforms, but we did let her choose a necklace also to make it more fun. She chose one with a gymnast wearing a sparkly red leotard. It matches her gymnastics leotard, so I thought that was sweet.

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