My Birthday!

 Over the weekend we celebrated my birthday. I will say it was very low key. I decided to skip out on the cake, and when Ten asked me what I wanted as a gift, I told him nothing. There isn’t anything that I truly want/need, and I’m not the type that likes to buy things for the sake of buying something. Also, my Mom did send me a gift card to Starbucks, so I felt like that was perfect and just enough.

Anyway, so we decided to have breakfast at the Hyatt. I am such a loyal Hyatt fan…one of the few brand loyalties I do have…so was really looking forward to it.

The restaurant is like being in Bali. At least that is what it reminds me of. Very pretty.


Emi’s plate. She ate almost everything on her plate! She is such a tiny thing who basically survives on air, so we were happy that she filled herself up.


Mia had lots of fruit and some pain au chocolat.


Mia enjoyed lots of fruit and some pastries.



I loved the little flowers that Mia was drawing.


Ten and I basically had the same things. Sausage, home fries, and a veggie and cheese omelet. Extra bacon for Emi. We also split a bagel with cream cheese and lots of smoked salmon.


Another view of the restaurant.

We really had a nice time having breakfast out together as a family, and the girls loves being at this restaurant….however, we had horrendous service this morning. Like truly terrible, it was so bad we cut breakfast short. I know that we will unfortunately never eat or stay at this Hyatt ever again. So sad.

   While Ten was speaking to the manager about the horrible service, the girls and I went and took some photos around the atrium.

Mia wanted her picture taken with these pretty pink flowers.



I think the best picture of Emi I could get. She seriously just would not get in the pictures.


We threw pennies into the water and made wishes. Actually, Emi threw a quarter…Ten would pass out if he knew…haha


We basically made the best out of a bad situation and then went home to change to get ready to go to the Maritime Aquarium followed by Kumon. We decided on the aquarium because the girls really wanted to go, and it was the last day of our membership.

Creating sea animals to add to the display.


Spending time touching jelly fish.


On our way to the indoor play area before watching and Imax movie. We saw Born to Be Wild…and it was so incredibly good. Even Ten thought it was great which is saying something…I wouldn’t say he is as environmentally sensitive as I am.


We let the girls play in the under 5 area for a good, long time. Usually we skip this area, but since we probably won’t be back for a while…we let them play most of the morning until the movie started.

We spent the last bit of the day at the butterfly house.  The butterflies were so active since it was such a hot day.  

A few hung out on my bag.


…and Ten was very popular with the purple butterflies.


The girls loved the butterfly house this morning. They range anywhere from terrified to love when it comes to the butterfly house.

So there you have it. 

In other news, we have been working very hard here. I have started on a few different holiday projects, Emi is about half-way potty trained, I have been decluttering and cleaning faster than everyone has been able to destroy it and lots more. Also, hoping to enjoy this last full month of summer before the hectic school schedule begins again.

Also, I see the errors and typos in the post but can’t be bothered to change them.

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