Hershey’s Chocolate World

 This is the final place we visited during our PA trip. Hershey, Pennsylvania…and it was so much more fun/exciting than I had imagined.

The street lamps look just like Hershey Kisses. I am embarassed by how excited I was by this.

We were the first car in the parking lot at Hershey’s Chocolate World. We decided to skip the theme park since it isn’t all that age appropriate for the girls and spend the moring here rather.  

I see some Hershey chracters in the background 🙂


Hi Ten! Unfortunately this is the only picture he was in. He snapped most of the pics this day because it wasn’t the easiest navigating Emi and Mia through here.


The line here got so long, so quick. It was like a flash flood of people.


Killing a bit of time before the doors opened. All you have to say is echo location, and the girls drop everything to do their best beluga whale impression.


Our first stop was the gift shop. We decided to scope out souvenirs before things got too crowded. One Reeese’s hoodie definitely came back with us.


Next we headed over to the make your own candy bar. I think each of us made something completely different.

You can tell by these smiles how excited they are.


…and this smile.


The look that Emi makes whenever she is just really happy. Love this face.


Watching the bottom half of the bars to be filled with candy.


….an after picture of the experience. The candy bars that we made were so very huge. Truth be told…I’m not a big fan of the taste of Hershey’s chocolate. We still have 3.5 giant bars of chocolate from this. Mia is the only one who tried some of hers.


Next we did a little bit of shopping while waiting for our chocolate tasting experience. Ten and I did a whiskey tasting experience once in Scotland, and it was a lot of fun and I felt like I actually learned something…..so we thought a chocolate one would be fun for the kids.

First, saying hi to this guy here. You are cute…but not my cup of tea…

Oh I almost forgot…we did this little tour of how a candy bar is made. Like a little amusement park ride with free chocolate at the end.    

This was Emi’s FAVORITE part of the trip, so we ended up riding itnonce more before we left.

On to chocolate tasting.    

Mia took this so seriously. She was sitting there smelling all of the chocolate and listening to the sound of the chocolate breaking. A real pro.

Emi ate all of the chocolate fr the tasting experience within minutes. She was having a little bit of a tough time sitting through the attraction, so couldn’t snap many pics.  

During the tasting experience, we did learn that this cacao tree was in fact real. i thought it was fake…but nope…all real.

Finally, we stopped by this ride one more time. Emi could not get enough of the singing cows and a little pig.  


So that was our visit to Hershey World. I was so sick of seeing chocolate by the time that we left here honestly…but it was a lot of fun.

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