Statue of Liberty

 So, a little out of order but here are some pics of when Ten, Nana, PaPa, and Mia went to the city to visit the Statue of Liberty. Emi and I decided to sit this one out because she wasn’t feeling all that well and there was a heat advisory. It would have made for a miserable morning for a two year old.

So while I wasn’t there, I did get several pics and updates of their day.

They all made it to Grand Central. I love Grand Central. I feel like I’m in a movie every time I get off the train.


They headed straight to Battery Park to ride the ferry to Liberty Island. First, they made a stop at the Seaglass Carousel so that Mia could ride it. Looks so beautiful in pictures, but this group wasn’t impressed. I still want/need to see it in person.


….on the ferry…


….and then getting lunch immediately after. They had alreadt been gone all morning by this point.


Hi! Ten is clearly the photographer for the day.


Love this picture.


…but this is probably my favorite of the day.


An overcast day, but the city still looks so pretty.


The original torch inside of the pedestal.


Saying bye.


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