Summer with Emi

 Happy Tuesday!  We had a very full weekend. We met with an architect to start working on a major house renovation, saw The Secret Lives of Pets (such a cute movie), went shopping, and spent a lot of time playing outdoors (even in the 90 degree weather). 

I decided to take a little bit of a break from posting vacation pics and instead show a little bit of what Emi and I have been up to now that Mia is at summer camp. It has been really great getting to spend some one-on-one time with her.

Every morning we wait with Mia for her camp bus to pick her up at about 8:30, and then we take off to go to the farm twice a week. Emi is doing a summer program there. Here she is wearing the smallest camp shirt they have available. She is a tiny one.


Emi starts every morning by waking the ducks up. Her program starts at 9:45, so we take about half an hour before it begins to walk around and look at the animals.


Good morning ducks!


Waving to the ducks. We dont’t let her run and chase after them, but I do let her walk among them a bit.


The pigs are the next animals that we visit followed by a trip over to the cows.


Next we head to a little classroom in a barn where we learn about different animals and do an art project.


This day it was tadpoles.



…and another day was all about chickens. Emi worked so hard on this hat…I was pretty impressed.


Getting ready to feed some corn to the chickens.

Our mornings at the farm are so peaceful that I really do look forward to the time we get to spend here. 

On Tuesday afternoons, we head to a swimming lesson. Emi is doing an incredible job. She can jump off the side on her own and resurface which is great. She also swims short distances .  

Here she actually has weights on her legs…haha…she is so tired on Tuesdays!

….and I am spoiling her a little bit. I may have gotten her a bottle for her baby doll….and yes, ice cream in bed…..shhh    

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