Tanabata 2017

 I’m going to skip a few days of our vacation (but will get back to working on those tomorrow) and talk about what we did for Tanabata. We make such a big effort to celebrate both American and Japanese  holidays, and I still think we need to balance things out a little more….but doing the best we can.

Anyway, so on Sunday we went to the Japan Society in the city to celebrate Tanabata. I personally find the Tanabata story just really sad….even the ending where the two get to be together….because it’s only one day!! …and only if it doesn’t rain!!! Kind of depressing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…..Google can help.

So, on Sunday morning, the girls put on their jinbei and we caught a train to the city. It is just a lot cheaper than driving, and I don’t have to fight traffic. I also packed food for everyone , so we wouldn’t have to spend money eating out.

Jinbei for the day as yukata just seemed like a big hassle on the long ride/walk in the city. They are excited!


Lots of posing going on…or dancing?


We entered the room and it was decorated so nicely. It’s hard to see in this picture, but there was blue fabric and silver starts on the ceing.

The program began with a telling of the Tanabata story. Here is “older sister” telling the story.


Here comes the princess singing the Tanabata song. All of the actors are professional either here in the US or in Japan. She had a beautiful voice, and the kids enjoyed singing along.


This fabric represents the Milky Way dividing the two friends. I loved how the story tellers really helped the children understsnd how much Orihime and Hikoboshi meant to each other. Such a sweet way they showed them playing together.


The magpie came to help the two cross the Milky Way, but of course a few kids were chosen to help the magpie. There is Mia! She got chosen because we actually know one of the actors. 🙂


Yay reunited!


Seriously this story just makes me really sad…haha… even though kids love it. BTW the male actor is pretty famous and even starred in Rent in Japan.


Happy again….and concluding the story by telling all of the kids that they need to work and study hard…and always listen to their parents. A theme of the story.

After the performance, we chatted with so many nice people including a grandma who scolded us for not going to Japan! She basically said “what’s wrong with you!” to Ten…hahaha. We are working on it grandma.


Getting ready to write wishes.


Mia hanging hers.


Emi up next.


So what did they wish for…. Emi basically wants to see Elsa and Anna.


So blurry but Mia wants Santa to come soon….hahaha.


OK. So, when the show started the actors were walking through the room and mingling. Well one walked up to us and started talking when she looked at me and at the same time we both recognized each other! This was Mia’s teacher (in the blue) when she was just a tiny baby in the city! She was so excited to see Mia and was telling everyone about how she used to teach Mia. We love Asuka sensei so much! Such a small world….and apparently she has done a lot of acting in Japan on stage. I had no clue….she acted with a famous group…crazy, small world.


Happy family.


 So that was Tanabata this year. I feel like we should have done more but maybe the best I could do this year. It was such a nice event though.

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