Gettysburg, PA

 On July 3, we drive for another hour until we reached Gettysburg. Gettysburg is probably more than just a day trip, but I think we covered quite a bit of ground.

Our first stop was to the museum and Cyclorama.

In our seats getting ready to learn about the Civil War. This movie was very well made and in association with the History Channel. It also wasn’t too graphic for the kids.

After we watched a short film on the Civil War, we visited the Cyclorama. It was this huge 360 degree paintint which was made over a hundred years ago. Very cool.  
Next, we explored the rest of the museum. We got to see so many cool Civil War artifacts.

Hi everyone! Impossible to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera.


This is so crazy, but we have this same clock at Nana and PaPa’s house! I honestly never thought highly of this clock growing up, but was so cool to see that it probably dates back to the Civil War.


Mia making a soldier face 🙂


Pictures of some of the people who died in the war. I wonder if they could have imagined that generations later would be looking at their photos. Emi had a great time having Nana read…lots and lots of names to her.

Next we went out to see the battlefields and monuments. I won’t list the names of everything because it is pretty easy to Google them.  

Mia visiting a field hospital. Emi was napping in the car with Ten by this time.


Nana, PaPa, and Mia.


The views of all of the fields was gorgeous. Hard to imagine that thousands of people died in this very spot.


One last photo before we left. I am so happy we all got to experienxe this together.

 P.S. Yep, this has typos but this app won’t let me edit them without destroying this post.

2 thoughts on “Gettysburg, PA

  1. That looked really fun. I’ve not been to Gettysburg in quite some time. . It’s like 45 min away and it has a lot of really cool stuff. Looks like you guys really enjoyed your self. Great family!

    • It was such a nice area! I feel like I would love to live in PA…but seriously…when you live so close…it’s hard to appreciate it. Same way with us and NYC.

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