Morning out at Stepping Stones

 I am no great lover of NYC for living, but one thing I do miss is the number of parks with splash pads throughout the city. They are everywhere! I hopped on Google hoping to find one near my house only to realize that there are actually none in our town. Seriosuly disappointing, but hey we do have a car… I found one in Norwalk, CT near the Children’s Museum….so we decided to head over to play at both since the weather was going to be really nice.

We are also members at Stepping Stones, so we took advantage of the member only hour before the museum opened to the general public. Memberships just makes more sense if you plan on visiting a place more than once.

We headed straight to Tot Town as this is usually the most popular place. 

Emi creating a flower while Mia ran off to play in the dog house. I love that this place only has one exit, so the girls can roam around a bit on their own.


Next they decided to build a boat…haha…They play so well together which is something we put a lot of effort into.


Singing time….Frozen songs of course….


A little dress up. A pink princess outfit for Emi.


…..and a pirate for Mia. She wasn’t into the pirate, but I thought it was so cool…hahaha…so she put it on for me.


The most popular part of this exhibit is the school bus. Kids love honking the horn, shifting the gears, and turning the wipers on and off. The girls waited patiently for their turn. 

Mia looking so happy. Who is Emi looking at? The child she just face palmed and then who fell to the ground. Yes….I told her not to do it of course….but at the same time I was thinking…parents , please tell your kids to wait their turn….I might have face palmed someone trying to jump in my car and push me out….haha


Anyway, next we headed to a member’s only story time. The kids learned all about the different parts of a plant, but honestly won’t be doing this again…it was kind of boring and not well done.

Hi Mia! We can see her sitting up in the front. Emi wanted to stay as far away as possible.


We moved to the construction zone.  We had this entire play area to ourself which never happens. It was really fun watching them build their house.


….and we made a movie on a green screen.

We then made our last stop of the day to this really cool  water play area.

The museum was getting really crowded, so we decided it was time to go to the splash pad (the main reason for our visit).

We walked through the gardens of the museum to get to the park.  

….and arrived. We loved this nautical themed park and are definitely planning another trip here  


The girls had so much fun here. 

In other news, we actually found a different splash pad today and we happened to run into a friend there. So nice to catch up. Today we are heading out to get passports! We need six from two different countries….so starting the process so we can book my dream vacation Hoping the timing all works out.

Also, we have to pack the car tonight because we are hitting the road on Saturday to meet my family. This should be a great week coming up.

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