Day Trip to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early and decided to go rasberry picking. The girls really wanted more berries, and since rasberries were now ready to pick we decided to take a quick trip to the farm to get some.

However, as you can see, we didn’t make it there. We were driving along and chatting about berry picking, and I told everyone not to pick too many rasberries because honestly we don’t 100% love rasberries. We  like them but didn’t want or need 10 pounds of them. Anyway, we were just chatting when Ten asked the girls if they would rather go to the zoo instead. It took them all of two seconds to decide that they would rather go to the zoo. Ten set up the GPS and the zoo exit was literally the next exit! We hopped off the highway and were at the zoo in 5 minutes.

The girls at the zoo entrance. We actually decided to become members. We just need to visit the zoo two more times within the next year for it to pay for itself which shouldn’t be a problem.


We first stopped by to see the condors. These birds are so huge! Mia loved them, but Emi was a little scared.


Emi was much more interested and happier looking at the tortoise. She was really disappointed that she couldn’t actually get in and play with them.


Both girls were looking  forward to measuring their wingspans when we got to the zoo.  I measured in as a turkey vulture 😉

The zoo has the neatest little greenhouse with a koi pond inside. Ten and I love going in here and listening to the water and watching the fish. Our children are terrified! Like TERRIFIED. Why? Because of the cacti. I kid you not. Seeing a cactus will cause tears and panic attacks. I do not understand it for the life of me.

The absolute closest to the greenhouse that they will get. You can see Ten in the background. Yep, he confirmed that the cacti are still in there looking as spiny as ever.


…but they love the peacocks. They have quite a few walking around here. My kids love these cutouts…truly my children.


These two drive me crazy…quite often…but I am 100% glad that we get to spend most of our time together.


Prairie dogs! These are the cutest little things!! I love them.

Mia was most looking forward to seeing the alligators; however, I think the fake alligator was the real winner of the day.


We saw most of the zoo (it’s very small and not many typical zoo animals), and popped into the carousel building to use the bathrooms. They are somewhat cleaner than the ones by the concession stands. This carousel is really cool and there is also a carousel museum in the building. Emi and I took the time to look at the carousel horses while Mia and Ten took a ride on it. Emi really didn’t want to ride it, and we weren’t going to force her. We actually got free tickets to ride the carousel with our membership.

Mia looks so uncomfortable here, but she just said that she couldn’t smile while her face was smashed….clearly…ha

The last stop of the day was the farm animal area.  

Milking the gigantic cow.


Riding horses. I think the animal statues were more fun than the actual animals for the girls.


So pretty.

By the end of the morning, everyone was really tired  especially Emi who had pretended to be several different animals this morning…and here is our tired baby pig…

Clearly done for the day.

After the zoo, we decided that we needed to go and grab lunch. We hadn’t planned on a long day out, and the girls were hungry. The zoo isn’t in an area with a lot of good options to eat so we decided to visit a rest  stop on the highway. This gives everyone the chance to get what they want.

Mia will get a Happy Meal whenever allowed to.


Emi loves pizza and always chooses pizza.


I decided on a plain pretzel with cheese and a Diet Coke. I wasn’t super hungry, so this was perfect.


Ten got spaghetti from Sbarro. He always chooses the weirdest things when we go out. He doesn’ t love spaghetti all that much, but this spaghetti was pretty horrible. Watery and salty…yuck…too bad really.

After lunch, we went home and took baths/showers after being at the zoo all morning. I think we will plan another visit in the fall.


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