Emi’s Moving Up Ceremony

Last week, we  all headed to Emi’s school for her “moving up ceremony.” Mia was already out of school and Ten took a day off so that we could properly make a big deal of it.

First, Mia and Emi sat down and made a crown for Emi. She chose pink since that is her favorite color. Everything must be pink.


Playing with toys before the class begins.


Choosing furniture to go into the dollhouse….and yes…Emi is wearing a purple leotard with a red sparkly skirt. She also has one Olaf sock and one Anna sock on. She clearly picked out her own clothes.


She rocked her crown for the entire class…and the entire next day!


After free time and crafts, we all sat in a circle to sing some of the kids favorite songs. Emi’s favorite song from this class is one where you say good morning to your eyes, nose, and mouth. She loves singing time.

After songs, each child was called up to receive their certificate. We all clapped loudly and then got a pic with the teacher. We will miss Ms. Risa so much. She has really helped Emi come out of her she’ll and gain more confidence.


Of course snapping lots of pics of Mia too. No hurt feelings.


After the little ceremony, the kids were all treated to a really nice snack spread. So nice that my girls skipped lunch. There was a fruit platter, homemade cookies, pretzels, and more. I brought in string cheese. It was super easy and the kids loved it. Some even had seconds. I was okay bringing something so simple since I had brought treats to every single class party plus Emi’s birthday celebration. Simple was key for the end of the the year.


Haha. Live this face.


You could tell that Emi felt very special which was great since that was the whole point. Congratulations Emi!


We weren’t finished for the day yet though. The next stop was swimming. This was the first time Ten was able to watch Emi, so they were both excited.

Showing off her muscles. Also, slouching does me no favors in these pictures.


Mia relaxing on a lounge chair with her books. Emi’s class is at a hotel, so plenty of space to relax.

Finally, we got to head home. By this time we were all so worn out that we decided to grab some takeout.

Chipotle for the adults. Shockingly, this was my first time eating here! The food was really good, but the portions were just way too much. Ten and I each got three meals out of our lunch.


Onigiri for the graduate. Her favorite food besides pizza.


Cheeseburger Happy Meal for a very tired Mia.


Ten getting ready to enjoy his food.

So, that was how we spent last Tuesday. One more class finished for the school year. Congrats Emi!

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