Father’s Day Weekend

I have just had so much going on here recently (had to fill out and take medical forms to doctor, plan the girls’ fall schedule/book classes, deal with some insurance issues, pay city taxes, etc….list goes on and on), that I was a little worried that Ten’s birthday weekend/Father’s Day weekend was going to be a flop. However, I was able to pull it together at the end of the day.

First, we wanted to get Ten a cake that he would enjoy. He loves icecream cake, so we chose this one from Baskin Robbins. Ha! He loves baseball (almost as much as my grandma…so that means a whole lot), so he loved it! 

Rocky Road cake. It says “Happy Birthday! Let’s go Yankees!” haha. Even the guy when I picked it up had a good laugh about that. Mia came up with the wording on her own, and she was so proud of herself.

We used a Cars candle from Mia’s birthday. No sense buying new candles.

While I had made a really nice baked ziti for dinner, Ten and the girls ended up requesting our usual Friday night dinner. The girls have pizza and Ten and I share chicken nuggets. We all share the fries that come with the nuggets.

He was pretty surprised….even though a little someone (Emi) totally spilled the beans the night before. She just started saying at dinner “We got you a baseball cake dad, a BASEBALL CAKE.” Over and over again…there was no recovering from that.

On Saturday, we all went to see Finding Dory. 
I had not been to a movie theater in probably 5 years! This was also Emi’s first trip to the movies! Big day I guess you could say. 

Yes, I bring in my own food…but this would have easily cost us $30-40. it just makes no sense to pay that much! Snow caps for Mia and Ten, Reese’s Pieces for Emi, and Gobstoppers for me. i also popped one big bag of popcorn, poured some butter flavoring on top, and put it in these two bags. The girls brought some juice, and the adults had vitamin water. Also, in my defense….some people brought in whole meals!

Pre movie selfie! We got there about 30 min early to pay for parking, buy tickets, take Mia to the bathroom, and find seats. Perfect amount of time.


Mia basically devoured both bags of popcorn! I just thought it was so funny to watch her just sit there and eat handful after handful. She takes movie watching so seriosuly. She reminds us no talking, turn off your phones, etc. She is really fun to go and do things with. Both girls are, but Emi is just at the age where it still requires a lot of work.


Seriosuly enjoying that popcorn.


After the movie…best picture we could get…no idea what they are looking at.

Emi did a great job. She didn’t make a peep! She also fell asleep for about the last 30 min, but we totally expected that. Everyone liked the movie. My honest opinion is that it was good but I don’t know if I would watch it again. If anything , it may have been better to rent. Really cute but sometimes a little slow.

Note: we also did get Ten a birthday present and made him Father’s Day cards that included a picture of each girl.

Today we have a busy day! Emi has a graduation party at school, I have to go back to the doctor’s office to pick up camp forms, Emi has a swim lesson, I have vacation planning/packing to do, and I just got my car emissions test slip in the mail. This is of course on top of Kumon, housework, and having both girls home all day! Will be a busy one for sure.

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