Surviving the Week

We have finished up what I hope will be the toughest week of our summer. Mia attended an intensive ballet program at the Greenwich Ballet Academy, and we are all so happy that it’s over! Parking was really horrible, and I had to arrive 30 min before drop-off and pick-up to find a parking space. So that means Emi and I had about an hour to kill before driving back into NY to pick up Mia. So tiring. Not to mention that Emi still had her pre nursery class to attend, both girls had swim lessons on different nights, and Mia still has lessons at our local dance school. Howver, Mia had a great time and LOVED the class. We are so happy that she had a wonderful time, but we were all so ready for this weekend; and I have lots of catching up to do at home.


Mia on day one of her five day intensive. Every day from 9:30-12:00.


The first morning I took Emi to Bruce Park to play. She had so much fun but spent most of her time in this sand nest.


Slides are everything to Emi right now.


On Tuesday we went to Emi’s class and just had a really easy time  playing, singing, and doing art projects. We love this class and our teacher so much.

Emi scooting up front for story time.


Making a surprise box for art time.

We also managed to swing by Emi’s new classroom for the summer. It is so bright and colorful, so I’m hoping she loves it as much as her current class.

On Wednesday after we picked up Mia we had to get Emi to her swim lesson. She lives for diving for toys with help and jumping off of the side of the pool.  

Too cute.


On Thirsday, Mia had her swim lesson. She is working on the butterfly right now and it’s pretty amazing to watch. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics because my camera was full.

Other little pieces of this week. We did have to eat out 3 times to survive the long week. One of those days we headed to Fuji Mart and grabbed a few things.

California rolls for Mia, Ebi fry onigiri for Emi, and obento for me. The girls also picked out a box of chocolate cheeseburgers for themselves.

We are also gearing up for summer camps and camping over here, so I have been slowly piecing together everything we need.  

New thermoses for the girls, a lantern, water bottle bag, soap saver bags, and a Gakken workbook. We love Gakken for Emi because the activities are really short snd colorful.


Some games to keep the girls busy during downtime, toilet cleaning stuff, and popcorn.

We are also getting ready for some summer festivals. Ten sent the girls new yukata and jinbei. Mia loves dressing up in Japanese clothes and was very excited to get these.    

My favorite and Mia’s too.


Lots of pink for Emi.


These I have to hide or will be literally broken in under 5 munutes.


Anyway, so we are now enjoying the weekend! I will say that Mia has decided to continue with ballet…totally not my preference….but we will support her choice for this year…and I’m going to publish without proofreading…so be kind.

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