Last day of gymnastics 2016

Mia has been doing gymnastics for the past year at the YWCA and today was her last class of the year. Usually, we just drop her off but today we were able to sit and watch.

Stretches. I find this to be the cutest part. Also, today we decided not to wear a leotard since we had plans to meet friends at the park.


Working on her bridge. Notice that there is only 1 other girl in the class. We always try to find the classes with the smallest number of kids.

  After stretching the girls did circuits for the first part of the class.  

Later they moved into the other half of the gym that has the balance beams, trampoline, uneven bars, etc. Most of these pictures are really blurry from Emi bouncing around and the fact that it is pretty hard to get a still shot in a gymanstics class.


Here is a little video clip.  We aren’t training for the Olympics or anything like that, but we want the girls to have a chance to build different muscles.

Anyway, tomorrow Mia will get her gymnastics medal for a job well done. I’m really looking forward to next year’s class already. 

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