Summer Vacation – Swimming, play dates, and classes.

Mia has been out of school now for a bit over a week, and we have been having the best time. On Monday, we arranged to have a play date with a girl from her gymnastics class. As soon as we got there, Mia noticed that her absolute best buddy was there. She was so excited to see him! It was a little bit of an issue because we had invited someone along with us, but luckily all of the kids got along really well.


All of the kids playing on a merry go round. These are rare at playgrounds here, so they were having so much fun.

Emi pretending to be a puppy.

She also decided to try this spinning chair but didn’t care for it at all.

Mia’s best friend, older sister, Mia, and Emi playing some sort of rescue game. I loved that they let Emi join right in even though she is so little.

We ended up staying at the park for 3 hours playing. That is a lot for my kids. After everyone left, we found a picnic table and had lunch. As we were finising up, the ice cream man pulled into the parking lot. I used this to transition the girls to the car, and they were able to enjoy a cool treat. The girls took the longest nap when they got home.

Other things we have been enjoying is having big sister tag along to all of Emi’s classes. Today we all attended Emi’s pre-nursery class. We are very lucky to have teachers that are flexible when it comes to siblings tagging along.

Emi loved having Mia at her class. Here they are using play doh.


Later in the morning was free play time, and the girls decided to play with the doll house together.


After our morning class, we went home for a quick lunch and then headed to swimming. Today was a big day for Emi since it was going to be her first lesson after a bit of an unsuccessful run, and she did amazing. Emi loves the water as much as Mia but had a hard time with being with a stanger. I think that is fair though as she was just one and a half.

Today though she did an awesome job. She was kicking around, went under water, and using different tools. Everyone said that she had made great progress since last time, and everyone was so proud of her.

Trying goggles and all smiles.

After Emi’s lesson, Mia got in. She is working on flip turns and the butterfly. We have been strongly encouraged to get her on a swim team, but she is still too young. She swims far beyond her age though, so we will see how this turns out in the future.   We love that both girls have really taken to the water.

Mia working on different strokes.

After an hour of private swim lessons, we headed to the park. It is a cute little playground that sits on the water, but I decided to leave my camera in the car. We met up with some good friends from the Japanese preschool that Mia used to attend. The kids played for over two hours and had so much fun chasing each other around. 

The mom also gave me the prettiest candle as a gift and it smells amazing. I may only buy this brand going forward. I LOVE it.


Smells so good. Made from coconut wax and in such a pretty jar.

After the park we came home and the girls fell asleep instantly. A busy but good day.


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