Memorial Day Weekend (Maritime Aquarium, Baskin Robbins, and Cleaning)

For Memorial Day weekend, we almost decided to go out of town for a few days. However, we just weren’t really feeling it. There are lots of beach towns around that people like going to, but when you live like 2 miles from the beach….it just seems silly…unless your destination has some other things going for it. So, we decided to use the time to stay home (which I am learning is often better than going away…as long as it doesn’t replace 100% of your vacations).

So, just a bit of a recap of what we did.

Friday, we had a play date at a really cute park called Cherry Lawn Park in a few towns away. The girls had so much fun that I think we will make another trip over there. In fact, Mia has requested that we go back this Friday.

On Saturday, we decided to take the morning to go swimming at the JCC which was so much fun. Mia “beat” Ten in a race, so she chose ice cream as a reward, and we watched Marry Poppins for our family movie night which the girls loved.

Enjoying strawberry.


Emi chose chocolate and ate every bit of it.


Ten and I shared a banana split. Ten chose strawberry, rocky road, and milky way as our flavors. Perfect choices.


The only other thing that we did was take the girls to the Maritime Aquarium.  Our membership will be up soon, so it seemed like a good thing to go and use.

First, we watched the IMAX about national parks, and it made me wish that I would actually hope to be an outdoorsy person. Reality, probably not going to happen though. Anyway, a few pics but honestly didn’t take a ton.


Mia before we entered the butterfly garden.


Emi as a butterfly.

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