End of the year sing-a-long and beach time

We have made it to summer vacation! Mia had her last day of school today, and I am so happy to have a break from all of the driving!

Anyway, today (Thursday), we went to Mia’s school for an end of the year sing-a-long and watermelon party. It was very low-key and could not be more family friendly. We dropped Mia off at her classroom and then made our way to the outdoor theater. It is amazing to me that her school has a rustic outdoor theater! Our kids really have no idea how lucky they are.

Here is a picture of the stage where the kids would sit to lead us in the sing-a-long.


 We had to keep Emi busy before the singing started, so selfie time. Ha! Emi has the funniest smile right now, so we took about a hundred pictures of her posing.  

Cheese Emi!

Soon the processional began. Hi Koala bears. Mia is in the middle 🙂 

The singing began and was led by the school music teacher. They sang so many cute songs including one about wooly underwear which the kids giggled through.

 After the singing finished, the program instructed the parents to shout “encour!” So funny. The kids were so happy that we were demanding more. And surprisingly (wink, wink), they had one more song ready for us. Seriosuly, could not ask for a better preschool  experience.

Singing It’s a Small World for the encour.


After the performance, we walked back to the class playground and enjoyed watermelon. I volunteered to bring everything for the party. The tins holding the watermelon were red, white, and blue. I also chose red napkins and checkered plates. Looked so cute.

Emi enjoyed her watermelon in the toy car. She loves these cars so much.


Everyone LOVED the watermelon on sticks. I’m not going to lie though, it was a lot of work the night before. However, it was totally worth it and even the other class was eating our watermelon which was awesome because nothing went to waste.

Mia told Ten to hop in the backseat. She was driving them to the beach.

After our school event, we headed to the beach for a BBQ. We figured it wouldn’t be as busy on a weekday while most schools were still in, and we basically had the place to ourself. 

Mia climbing a tree.


Emi drinking her “soda.” It was really Snapple, but pretty excited to drink the same thing as mom and dad.


Ten grilling brats and hotdogs with the ocean in the background.

The girls were so hungry after a long morning of play. Eating chips, hot dogs, grapes, and pickles. For dessert they each had a chocolate chip cookie.  Ten and I had brats.
After eating lunch, playing with the stomp rocket, and chasing birds; we decided to head over to the ocean.

Emi showing her muscles.


Cooling off!


We then packed up, headed home, took a 2 hour nap, took Mia to her swim lesson, argued about Kumon finished (an issue right now), and had another BBQ for dinner. Such a nice day.

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