The Matsuri, Harrison NY 

 This post is going to be super picture heavy….so fair warning.

On Sunday we drove to Harrison, NY to attend “The Matsuri.” We were really looking forward to giving the girls an opportunity to hang out with a large group of Japanese people outside of school and play dates. Just hanging out in a laid-back, Japanese environment.

We woke up and had breakfast, and then I started getting the girls ready. Mia had unknowingly grown out of all her yukata, but she was still able to squeeze into this jinbei. We have definitely made arrangements to get her a new one.

Excited to go! Emi picked out a pink yukata…since it’s her favorite color right now.


We got to the matsuri right when it started and immediately went and bought our game tickets. This event was definitely tailored towards kids as most tents were games or toys.

Emi playing in the grass. She was having a great time picking all the dandelions.


We asked Mia what she wanted to do first, and she immediately chose to try on a kimono. Kimono are her absolute favorite thing to wear. She just loves them, and wants to wear one any chance she gets.  

She chose red since it is her absolute favorite color.


Trying this very pretty obi, but she asked if they could change it to orage since it is her second favorite color! ha!


Orange obi. Such a pretty girl.


After we got the kimono dressing out of the way, we decided to go play games.

Pitching game. Mia did such a good job!


Yo-yo fishing. Emi was addicted, and played this game 3 times!


So simple but so much fun.


Soccer! Mia was able to knock them all down.


Emi doing the yo-yo fishing again! haha. She was having so much fun, so we just let her keep playing it.

After all the games, we decided to grab lunch. They had so many goods 
things to choose from. Ten  had keema curry which looked amazing.

My choice takoyaki! Ten always makes fun of my takoyaki obsession. He always brings up the story of when I was pregnant with Mia and decided to sit at a takoyaki stand by myself and eat lunch one day….haha. He said it reminded him of a salaryman. 🙂


Currypan followed by creampan fommowed by chocolatepan.



Emi chose a piece of chocolate bread.


More yo-yo fun after finishing lunch.


We ended the morning with face painting. They love getting their faces painted, and then washing it off as soon as we get home.  

Emi does not play around when getting her face painted. The boy doing it commented about how serious she was…hahaha. Also, we did an outfit chage before since she was starting to get tired/uncomfortable.



Mia chose a really simple but cute design.


A puppy!


Emi the butterfly. So girly.


We watched  a little bit of the taiko and dances and thought about sticking around to watch the Keio kids perform, but decided to head home. We had been there for three hours and were getting pretty tired.

A few things though, we checked out a preschool  for the girls and found that they will work with our schedule. Yay! Also, they aren’t bilingual…just 100% Japanese which is great as the girls will attend a Japanese elementary school.

Also, a quick photo of the prizes the girls won. Yo-yos, nori, and some snacks. Pretty nice consideringwe didn’t spend much money on games.

We ended the afternoon, playing outside with the splash mat. Just a very laid back kind of day.    

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