Disney’s Magical Moments Concert

On Saturday, we went to our last show of this season. We have seen tons of good programs this year including “White” and “Handa’s Surprise” at the New Victory in Manhattan; Mickey’s Magic show (don’t remember the full name) in Westchester; and Wild Kratts, Sesame Live,  and Cinderella (the ballet) at the Palace in Stamford. I’m thinking I actually missed a few, but you get the idea. We have spent a good amount of time at the theater these past few months.

Ten saw the flyer for the Disney’s Magical Moments concert and thought we should book it. I love anything and everything Disney (and of course so do the girls), so we booked really great tickets for this one.

Note: I totally should have snapped some pics of the theater since I LOVE this place, but I’m sure there will be a next time.

We were so close that we could see all of the expressions on the singers faces. That was probably my favorite part. Also, do you see the screen behind the orchestra? They played scenes that matched the songs. The girls really loved that though Ten and I didn’t really pay too much attention to that part.


All ready to hear some of our favorite songs.


Oh man, of course you can’t take photos during the show…and really why would you want to….but it was just so amazing. They sang songs from the predictable like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, but they also had some from The Jungle Book and tons from Mary Poppins (one of my most favorite movies). Also, the singers have actually performed at various Disney parks or in Disney shows, and you could really see how much fun they were having singing all of the songs which made it all the better.

And because it’s Disney, there is always a surprise in there somewhere.  At the end, there was an encore. They had the entire audience whistle to It’s a Small World, and then sing the words. This is actually one of Ten’s favorite rides/songs from Disney so he was smiling from ear to ear.

Also, I was totally thinking of my sister the entire time. It’s almost like our childhood flashed before my eyes when they performed the Ariel and Jasmine songs. The orchestra also did an incredible job playing a piece from Pirates of the Caribbean, so of course I was thinking about her since she is obsessed with that movie.

I also couldn’t help but think of my sister/friend in Japan, Kahori and the time we saw Hisaishi Joe in concert and our general love for Disney….totally miss her.


Getting ready to head home. Emi wanted no part of the camera this day.

Below posing with the poster. Kind of dark, but maybe you can see some of it.  

We are looking forward to seeing more orchestra performances in the future….and are hoping to find something really good at Christmas.

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