May has not been a kind month. I mean in some ways it has been amazing. I’ve gotten to do a lot of fun things and spend time with some really important people. I also was able to accept the things that I can’t change and cut out some very negative aspects that were hanging around the periphery of my life.

But the bad….we were sick here for 3 solid weeks! I am talking about the fact that I literally came down with every childhood disease known to man: pink eye (both eyes), chicken pox (yep confirmed by a doctor), a sore throat, congested, impetigo….I mean I seriously had everything….Mia, Emi, and Ten kind of passed around a little here and there but it was basically all me, all sick, all the time.

But seriously, life has to go on even when you are horribly sick, right?

So, it did.

I think it all started on Mother’s Day. We had plans to go eat out on the water at a seafood place, but it was raining pretty hard. Mia had earned a $10 gift card to Barnes and Nobles for her progress at Kumon, so we thought it would be a good idea to go to the mall instead. That way we could just relax at the food court and everyone could order something that they actually enjoy. Nothing fancy, but we are definitely not fancy people….and we don’t try to be. 

Mia and Emi each picked out a Busy Book (Planes and Barbie), and then they each chose a few more books.  Next we decided to head to the food court. Emi and Mia both chose pizza, Ten got mall Japanese food, and I had a cheese steak sandwich and we shared some gourmet fries.

The girls then wanted to play in the new play area, and we let them go in for about 30 minutes. I am sure this place was my downfall. 

In a giant, little red wagon. So cute. The mall has a pretty cool play area.


Sisters. These girls are such best friends.


Hanging out on a frog.


A trike big enough for 2….or more!


The girls had such a great time, but I’m pretty sure Mother’s Day 2016 was when I contracted the plague.

In other news, Mia is wrapping up swimming for this season and she is doing an amazing job. She is working on learning different strokes. We are hoping Emi will cooperate taking lessons next year since she loves the water so much too. Mia’s instructors strongly belive that we need to find a team to put her on now, but most teams don’t take 4 year olds. Also, I don’t think we really need to push that on her right now.


Mia also had her first dance recital. She danced to “Hands Up,” and did an amazing job. Emi wants to dance so badly but has to wait one more year.

In the meantime, she can rock the red carpet like no other.


We decided that it would be best if I worked backstage so that Mia could have some extra help, and also I’m the mom that helps all the kids…not just my own. So Saturday we had a 3 hour dress rehearsal (still sick), and Sunday the actual recital. It was a brutal weekend, but so worth it.

Getting ready to head backstage.

 Here Mia is drawing pictures for the first hour of the recital….long wait time for these little girls.

After the recital, Mia slipped into her dance t-shirt and got a bouquet of flowers from dad. She also got a cupcake and a dance school cup (very cute). She looked so grown up but so little carrying all of her swag to the car. Also, we got Emi a single rose an cupcake….she did such a great job sitting through/sleeping through the show. We all got home and basically collapsed and later Ten and I high fived for acing our first official sporting event….hahaha.

Let’s see…we also had a really special visitor during the peak of my pink eye.

This girl below.


She means the absolute world to me. She visited the East Coast with her parents, and we were lucky enough that they chose to spend time with us. She will be my forever missionary, and if my girls turn out to be 10% of the person she is….I would be so greatful. I can’t say enough good about her. Her parents were just the best also….and she is getting married! I cannot wait to see her as a wife and mama because she is just going to be the best….ok….love letter over.

Finally, the girls had doctor’s appointments and they are perfectly healthy, our car battery died and I to call roadside assistance and Ten had to use Uber (a lot of firsts there), took the car to get the battery changed, and we had a major fire on Ten’s train line which has caused some serious commuting problems……all while having the plague….it was exhausting but we made it through!

Here is to the second half of May!

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