Mia’s Mother’s Day Program at School

A few months ago, we switched preschools. There were several issues with our old school, but our new school is amazing (minus the tuition….seriously).

Anyway, today we celebrated Mother’s Day at the school, and I felt really catered to. Ha! At a preschool! They were serving Arnold Palmer, a special cake that the kids baked, and fruit salad.   

We entered the room, and the kids all gave their moms little gift bags. Also, the kids wore stickers saying why they thought their moms were special. A lot of them said because their moms feed them! So funny. Mia’s said because I take her to the park, read books to her, and give her hugs and kisses. Doesn’t that melt your heart.

The kids played and the moms chatted for about half an hour, and it was great meeting so many moms since we are pretty new at the school.

Next, we all listened to I Love You Stinky Face, which is one of our favorite books.

This was followed by a sing-a-long. Here they are playing Skinnamarink on their kazoos. 

 Singing “You are my sunshine.” Hi Mia.
So, what did I get in my Mother’s Day bag?

 A gorgeous pink flower made by Mia. 
 …and this lovely handmade pin…which I have promised to wear every day. I’m thinking to put it on my bag since I usually wear t-shirts. 

Such a fun morning. Mia was so excited this Mother’s Day, and I love how our new school focuses on the importance of family so much.

In other news, I’ve had 2 sick kids all week, so we are hoping for a healthier weekend.

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