Raising Butterflies

We are trying to teach our girls about the world around them, and we love hands on activities. So, recently we decided to raise butterflies and it was the most fun little project. We ordered a kit by Insect Lore from Amazon and got to witness the life cycle of a caterpillar.

Honestly, the caterpillars were pretty gross….but the butterfly part was awesome. Here are a few pictures from the day we released our butterflies.


We had five caterpillars, and every single one made it to the butterfly stage. We decided to feed our butterflies fresh fruit rather than sugar water.


Observing our butterflies.


Here is the first one to leave the netting. So pretty.


Ten made it home early to join the fun. Emi was having lots of fun talking to the butterflies.


“Come on butterflies.” She also kept offering them her orange slices and then yelling at them for trying to eat them. She is sassy, no doubt about it.


Mia just loved watching them leave one by one and then flutter to the hill behind our house.


This was one of the easiest but most fun little projects that we have done. Three butterflies left the net the first day, but then one actually came back like an hour later…..so crazy. The next day two more left, and we noticed that the fifth butterfly wasn’t able to fly. We decided to keep him and feed him but took him outside each day….and you know what….three days later…he finally flew out of the net.

Mia thinks we need to do hermit crabs next! 

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