Mia is 4!

On Saturday, Mia turned 4! We talked about it, and she decided that a family birthday party would be really fun. I was happy to delay hosting a large party for another year, so win-win.

So very fortunately, Ten was able to make it home at 4:00. He loaded the girls into the car to go pick up Mia’s birthday dinner which was pizza from Sound Beach Pizza and fries from Garden Catering. She requests this several times a week, so we kind of knew what we would be eating…haha.

While they were getting into the car, I quickly set out her gifts and decorations. She has been really into Cars since forever now and more recently Planes, so we decided to do a bit of both.


   She had no idea that we had decorated for her birthday, and her smile was priceless. She was just so happy…which made us even happier.

 She immediately ran over and grabbed her stuffed dinosaur that Nana got her. Oh how she loves this thing. She has wanted this dinosaur since Christmas, and it didn’t quite make it into Santa’s sleigh..so she was thrilled.

Very happy to open her t-shirts from Mom and Dad. Miles from Tomorrowland and Dusty from Planes. Definitely not a girlie girl.


Next , we brought out her cake. The cake was so cute and made from the Very Strawberry flavor from Baskin Robbins. So good! This year we let Mia get a cake made (first time), but next year it will be Emi’s turn. I just can’t imagine having two cakes in less than a week!

Big Smiles


Make a wish.

   We had a great, laid-back night at home, and most importantly Mia felt like it was her special celebration.

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