First Trip to the Movies

We are a little bit crazy when it comes to screen time you could say. Mia and Emi spend zero hours a week playing with any sort of screen device. None.

When it comes to TV, most days are also close to zero or maybe 30 minutes so I can get something done…though when I’m super tired…we can have a movie marathon. Generally speaking though, TV and iPads play a very minimal role in our daily life.

Given the above, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that Mia had never been to a movie theater before. However , last weekend Emi wasn’t feeling great and the weather was pretty bad, so we decided that Mia would be able to go out and enjoy her first movie. Ten saw that Zootopia was playing, so off they decided to go. Emi fell asleep instantly, so I took full advantage of 2 peaceful hours to clean.


Mia chose a popcorn as her snack. She felt very special with her movie popcorn.


Great way to spend a rainy day. Look at that smile.

Apparently they chose the middle of the back row for their seats and enjoyed every minute of it. Four was probably the perfect age for Mia to go see her first movie. 

How did they like Zootopia? It was okay. Ten wasn’t a fan of some of the language that they used, and Mia said there were a few parts that scared her. However, they liked the song and had lots of fun.

We have decided that we will go and see Finding Dory when it comes out since Mia’s first trip was a success. Also, Emi loves Nemo and has been extremely good when sitting through lives shows. I haven’t been to a theater in years so really looking forward to it!

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