Weekend Ready

Today is our last day of spring break, and while I enjoy watching the girls learn and play with friends….I have also enjoyed not having a schedule. The amount of sleeping, cleaning, decluttering, and just decompressing this week has been much needed and amazing.

Today, we woke up around 7:45, ate breakfast, and then headed over to Baskin Robbins to pick up Mia’s birthday cake. She is going to love it! I will definitely show pics when I do her birthday post. Also, while I’m not attempting to do any catch up posts, I will post Emi’s 2nd birthday pics…because fair is fair!

Here is a pic of the girls before we left the house. They definitely chose their own outfits today.

We then went back home and spent a good full hour outside while I cleaned out the car, vacuumed it, and wiped it down. I want to have everything all ready for our mini trip tomorrow. While I cleaned the car, the girls got to play with some of their Easter things and took turns on the scooter

Mia sat down and drew a hopscotch board for them to play with. She was very dedicated to her hopscotch board and wanted to make sure the colors were just right. 

After we cleaned everything up and the car was like new on the inside, Emi wanted to go to the back of the house to check their tulips. The girls absolutely LOVE their tulips. We planted the bulbs in October when Mimi visited, and they came up beautifully. We have named it the Wanda S. Brooks Garden 🙂 and I think we will add to it each year.

Unfortunately no pics of them planting the garden, but a few from back in October when Mimi visited.   


And our tulips:


Plans for the rest of the day include Kumon work, loading the car, celebrating Mia’s birthday, and letting the girls play with their water table for as long as they want. 

Happy Friday.


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