I’m Back (really)!

After a lot of time spent trying to figure out what the perfect way was to blog and document our memories, I just gave up on the whole thing.

I tried consolidating my Blogger Blog with WordPress (still in the process), but it hasn’t really worked yet. I also assumed that my phone camera wasn’t working right, and go figure….I just didn’t know how to actually delete pictures off of my phone! Duh. I also assumed that since my iCloud was full and so was my phone, I was just kind of out of luck. Enter Amazon. Hurray! They actually store your photos for free (if you are a Prime member).

I have taken tons of pictures of really fun things like dance recitals, festivals, birthday celebrations (Emi just turned 2!), and so much more. I am just aching to share with others and have a nice little history saved for our family.

So much has happened since I last did this blogging thing that I won’t even attempt a catch up post. I’m just going to run with it from now.

So, let’s try this one more time.

Here are two cute random photos to get us started.


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