Soccer and Other Updates

I had fully intended on writing a post today about my goals for the week, and then I took a THREE hour nap. It was one of the most restful, wonderful, magical sleeps that I have had in ages. So, that means that post didn’t happen. Also, I decided to scrap quite a few of my goals for the week. Realistically, I have about 30 min a day to work on a big project, so when the girls sleep for 3 hours it is a miracle.

So, I still have so many posts to put up including birthday posts and finishing up Disney…but I plan to maybe post two of those this week. Slowly it will all get done.

Over the weekend, Mia had her first soccer practice and actual match. What was even more fun is that Ten is one of the coaches for her team. Go Stingrays. Mia is amazing at swimming, and soccer is just a whole different experience for her. About half way through she wanted Ten to carry her around the field. Ha!

Here are a few pics from the day.

  Here Mia is just taking everything in and checking out her surroundings.

 Next the coaches demonstrated how to stop the ball. This was important for some of the drills they did that morning. Ten was able to learn a lot from the head coach of our team. He seems like a really nice guy who loves SOCCER. We are lucky to have both guys coaching.

 Ten helping Mia out…not going to lie…he did spend a lot of time with Mia. While he did help all of the kids out a lot, he favored Mia. Benefits of having your dad coach I guess….ha.

Huddling up before the game.


Let’s go!


Honestly, I have no clue who won. It was just fun to watch. Emi slept through the entire thing. Just for good measure….some pics of her. She’s been busy at the beach and playing at home in her sandbox.


In other news, we just had a ton of work done to our yard, Mia finished an entire year of preschool curriculum from Sonlight, and Emi has turned out to be quite the swimmer.

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