Day 1: Downtown Disney

I will go ahead and admit that I kind of fail miserably when it comes to taking lots of awesome pictures when we go and do things. I mainly rely on my phone, so excuse what you are about to see….or shall I say lower your expectations.

Anyway, so when we arrived at Orlando, we made our way over to the Magical Express. I love the Magical Express. It is just really nice to not have to worry about how to get to your hotel after arriving at the airport. Mia was very busy making mental notes of everything that she wanted to do in the promo videos they were playing…and Emi slept.

We arrived at the hotel in about 40 min or so, and went straight to our room. This time we decided to stay at the Art of Animation in the Ariel rooms. Mia was so obsessed with The Little Mermaid before our trip, so we thought it would be a lot of fun. The room was as if you were sleeping under the sea, and both girls loved it.

Prince Eric. Hi!

In order to contain the girls, we went ahead and gave them their gift bags. These things were a total life saver in the end. Here Emi is just waking up and playing with her Minnie Mouse. She is totally obsessed with Minnie Mouse since the trip might I add.

Mia checking out her bag. Sorry for the shirtless pic Ten!

Emi with her new hat and notebook. She is just too cute! I mean seriously…

…and Diva Mia. She got all of her bags ready, and she insisted that she was ready to go. She had the most determination to see as much as possible out of all of us. She was absolutely non-stop.


We all got cleaned up a bit from the morning, and we then headed to Downtown Disney. It is nearly impossible to take lots of pics with two tiny ones…let me tell you. Our first stop was the Lego store though. We are all big Lego fans, so we were really excited to check it out. They had some pretty neat things made out of Legos, but in the end we didn’t end up getting anything since you can get everything there at Amazon…for a better price. We had fun though!


Next, we headed to the T-Rex restaurant for dinner. We had a 4:00 dinner reservation (only one we could get…six months in advance!). We were seated pretty quickly, and then we got to walk around a little bit and watch all of the dinosaurs. The girls loved it! Mia was so excited to find a Triceratops, and Emi was just taking it all in. There was also a meteor shower every so often. This place was just so loud, but nice to try once.

We were sitting under a Mammoth, so Emi was entertained by that for a while.

Ten checking out the menu while Mia got to work coloring dinosaurs.

A view of the restaurant.

For drinks, Ten ordered a smoothie with M&Ms, and I had a shark water. It was basically Sprite with some sort of blue coconut syrup. I have been a bit of a coconut kick recently (not so much now), so I thought it was ok…not great…but ok.

My dinner: chicken breast, mashed potatoes, green beans, and fried artichoke hearts. This was actually really good. I was pretty happy with it.

Ten had chicken and ribs….let me tell you…Ten had to send the chicken back twice because it was nearly raw…and then undercooked! So gross. Eventually, he ordered a kebab (which was awesome), but yeah…really bad experience with this dish here.

So, sorry everything was put as captions, but I was having some WordPress issues. After dinner, we all wanted to just get back to the hotel and shower and sleep. We didn’t look around at too many of the stores or anything….I think we popped into the World of Disney store, but basically we were all just really tired! End of our first actual day at Disney

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